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Biogenesis 6 x 22
Episode: Biogenesis   Episode Number: 6x22   Tagline: The Truth is Out There
Working Title: The Syndicate


Scully: What are we doing, Mulder? This is a police matter at best.
Mulder: Skinner wants us on the case.
Scully: Are you going to try and convince me that you have no personal interest in this case?
Mulder: I am just a hired gun for the FBI. ---

Scully: Mulder . . . look, after all you've done, after all you've uncovered-- a conspiracy of men doing human experiments, men who are all now dead-- you exposed their secrets. I mean, you've won. What more could you possibly hope to do or to find?
Mulder: My sister. ---

Mulder: No, it would mean that our progenitors were alien, that our genesis was alien, that we're here because of them; that they put us here.
Scully: Mulder, that is science fiction. It doesn't hold a drop of water.
Mulder: You're wrong. It holds everything. Don't you see? All the mysteries of science everything we can't understand or won't explain, every human behaviorism- cosmology, psychology, everything in the X-Files-- it all owes to them. It's from them.
Scully: Mulder, I will not accept that. It is just not possible.
Mulder: Well, then, you go ahead and prove me wrong, Scully. ---

Scully: I want to talk to him(Mulder).
Doctor: No, he's a danger to anyone.
Scully: Not to me. ---

Dr. Sandoz: Yes, all right, but I realized something. The letters Albert translated on the artifact . . . I know what they are. Scully: What they are?
Dr. Sandoz: Yes. They're coordinates, Agent Scully.
Scully: For what?
Dr. Sandoz: For genes. They're symbols for gene clusters--the human genome.

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