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The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati 7 x 02
Episode: The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati   Episode Number: 7x02   Tagline: Amor Fati
Working Title: The Syndicate    Title Translation: Love of Fate


Dr. Harriman: We've exhausted all medical and scientific evidence. By that I mean nothing we can find -- no disease, no hint of disease, only symptoms. The brute fact is he's experiencing so much activity in his temporal lobe that it is effectively destroying his brain.
Mrs. Mulder: Enough. There's only so much bluntness a mother can take. ---

Mrs. Mulder: I love you, my darling boy. ---

CSM: I know you can hear me.
Mulder: (voice) I could always hear you. Even when my mind is jammed with a thousand voices I can hear you like a snake hissing underneath. How the hell did you get in here? ---

CSM: Your account is squared -- with me, with God, with the IRS, with the FBI. Rise out of your bed and come with me.
Mulder: I'm dying, you idiot. If I could get up, I'd kick your ass. ---

CSM: Only part of you is dying. The part that played the hero. You've suffered enough - for the X-Files, for your partner, for the world. You're not Christ. You're not Prince Hamlet. You're not even Ralph Nader. You can walk out of this hospital and the world will forget you. ---

Kritschgau: Sleep is a luxury, Agent Scully. A self-indulgence we have no time for. Nor does Agent Mulder.
Scully: How did you get in here?
Kritschgau: Getting in is easy. It's what you do once you're inside that's key. ---

Scully: Well, whatever it is, it's killing him. And we have to get it out of him.
Kritschgau: You destroy this and I'll destroy you. ---

CSM: At some point I realized that if the Syndicate didn't kill you the FBI would. If the FBI didn't kill you your own misguided heroism would. There's really no way out for you. There's no way for you to cheat death except by disappearing.
Mulder: A man can't just disappear.
CSM: Oh, we've made entire cultures disappear. Like me, now, you'll . . . you'll become a man without a name. But even while you miss your former identity, you'll . . . you'll learn to love life's simpler pleasures.
Mulder: (holding up his cuffed hands) Well, that'll be kind of tough with these on. ---

CSM: How do you feel?
Mulder: I feel better than I did. I've got to tell Scully. I've got to tell her.
CSM: If you do have contact with her you'll put her in danger. ---

CSM: Can I offer you a cigarette?
Mulder: I don't smoke.
CSM: Maybe now you do. ---

Albert Hosteen: I was hoping to see your partner.
Scully: He's missing.
Albert Hosteen: You must save him.
Scully: He's very ill.
Albert Hosteen: You must find him before something happens not only for his sake-- for the sake of us all. ---

CSM: You can drive away right now. Drive back to Scully and your X-Files and imminent death and I wouldn't be surprised if you did but I think you should take a look around. I mean, why leave something behind until you . . . until you know what it is you're leaving? ---

Deep Throat: They can change your name but they can't change the things you love.
Mulder: It can't be. You're dead.
Deep Throat: No. No, just really relaxed. ---

Deep Throat: One, uh, well-placed bullet . . . A punctuation mark in a man's life and you get to start a whole new chapter. I'm fine, son. Aside from a little tennis elbow. ---

Deep Throat: You can let that go. Clearly, I'm alive.
Mulder: I thought that you died for my quest.
Deep Throat: Yes, along with Scully's sister and the man you thought was your father and Duane Barry and even Scully's mysterious illness and on and on and on. You can let go of all that guilt. I'm here to tell you that you're not the hub of the universe, the cause of life and death. We-- you and I-- we're . . . merely puppets in a master plan. No more, no less. You've suffered enough. Now you should enjoy your life. Let me show you something. That's my wife and daughters, we live just down the street. I hope . . . you'll visit us for dinner. ---

Scully: It's all here, sir-- a foretelling of mass extinction; a myth about a man who can save us from it. That's why they took Mulder. They think that his illness is a gift-- protection against the coming plague. ---

Mulder: No. I'm serious. I have commitments-- to the X-Files, to Scully, to my sister . . . ---

Fowley: Do you think he dreams?
CSM: I'm sure he dreams.
Fowley: About what, I wonder.
CSM: The dreams all men who are owned by the world have-- a simpler life . . . full of small pleasures. Extraordinary men are always most tempted by the most ordinary things. Dreams are all he has now. ---

Scully: Bum a cigarette, Agent Fowley?
Fowley: I don't smoke.
Scully: Really? I could swear I smell cigarette smoke on you.
Fowley: Let's cut the crap, shall we?
Scully: Yes. Let's. ---

Scully: Where's Mulder?
Fowley: Maybe before you go around blaming everyone you can find for what's happened to Mulder you could think about what you could've done to prevent it.
Scully: I just want you to think. Think of Mulder when you met him. Think of the promise and the life in front of him. Think of him now. And then try and stand there in front of me, look me in the eye and tell me Mulder wouldn't bust his ass trying to save you.
Fowley: I'm thinking, Agent Scully. I'm always thinking. ---

CSM: The fact remains, he's become our savior. He's immune to the coming viral apocalypse. He's the hero here.
Project Doctor: He may not survive the procedure.
CSM: Then he suffers a hero's fate. ---

Scully: Why do you come to me like this? Why? When I can't find him.
Albert Hosteen: You don't look in the right place.
Scully: I don't think you're hearing me.
Albert Hosteen: You don't know where he is?
Scully: Even if I did I wouldn't know how to save him. This science makes no sense to me.
Albert Hosteen: Have you looked for him here? (He points to her chest, right above her heart.) ---

Albert Hosteen: There are more worlds than the one you can hold in your hand. ---

Very Old Mulder: Scully's dead?
CSM: She's dead. (Mulder begins to cry.) ---

Mulder: We're the last, you and I.
CSM: The end . . . and the beginning. ---

Scully: You're not supposed to die, Mulder-- not here.
Very Old Mulder: What do you mean?
Scully: Not in a comfortable bed with the devil outside.
Very Old Mulder: No, you don't understand. He's taking care of me.
Scully: No, Mulder, he's lulled you to sleep. He's made you trade your true mission for creature comforts. ---

Scully: No, Mulder, you must get up. You must get up and fight . . . especially you. This isn't your place. Get up, Mulder. Get up and fight the fight. ---

Scully: I don't know what to believe anymore. Mulder, I was so determined to find a cure to save you that I could deny what it was that I saw and now I don't even know . . . I don't know . . . I don't know what the truth is . . . I don't know who to listen to. I don't know who to trust. Diana Fowley was found murdered this morning. I never trusted her . . . but she helped save your life just as much as I did. She gave me that book. It was her key that led me to you. I'm sorry . . . I'm so sorry. I know she was your friend.
Mulder: Scully, I was like you once-- I didn't know who to trust. Then I . . . I chose another path . . . another life, another fate, where I found my sister. The end of my world was unrecognizable and upside down. There was one thing that remained the same.You . . . were my friend, and you told me the truth. Even when the world was falling apart, you were my constant . . . my touchstone.
Scully: And you are mine. ---

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