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X Files Episodes

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Hungry 7 x 03
Episode: Hungry   Episode Number: 7x03   Tagline: The Truth is Out There
Working Title: Burgerlicious


Rob Roberts: Welcome to Lucky Boy. May I take your order?
Mulder: Yeah, we'll have it our way. ---

Mulder: Hey, Scully, check it out. You know how they say you never want to see the kitchen of any of your favorite restaurants?
Scully: Somehow, I don't think Lucky Boy would make that list. ---

Mulder: I-it's not sociologically unheard of. There are certain tribes in New Guinea that consider human brains a delicacy.
Scully: Yeah, but Mulder, we're in Orange County.
Mulder: Yeah, what's your point? ---

Mulder: No, I think we're looking for somebody who has a compulsion to kill . . . who truly can't help himself. ---

Rob: I can't be something I'm not.

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