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Rush 7 x 05
Episode: Rush   Episode Number: 7x05   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Deputy Foster: I wish I had a nickel for every time I had to drag you kids out of these woods. It would be a lot of nickels. ---

Scully: Oh, my God, it looks like he was hit with a sledgehammer.
Mulder: Police flashlight. One blow.
Scully: The damage to the Maxillofacial bones and the cranium is consistent with a blunt-force trauma, but . . . I'd say that, uh, Tony eats his Wheaties. ---

Mulder: Check out the back of his head.
Scully: Ugh. His eyeglasses.
Mulder: Penetrated to the back of his skull. Babe Ruth couldn't hit this hard, let alone a high school sophomore. ---

Mulder: Come on, you were cruising, right? I mean, a small town like this you're not exactly living La Vida Loca. I know -- I grew up in Dullsville, too, you know. Nothing to do but drive and park.
Tony: How long ago was that? ---

Tony: Everything I know, it's in my statement.
Mulder: Okay, but bear with us 'cause we're old and stupid. ---

Scully: Mulder. Rather than spirits . . . can we at least start with Tony's friends?Please? Just . . . for me? ---

Mulder: Chastity, if you know something now is the time to mention it.
Max: Unless they got a warrant, you don't have to say nothing.
Mulder: Wow, you must be her lawyer. ---

Max: Oh, you're good. We're done here. Come on, babe. (to Scully) You must have been a Betty, back in the day.
Scully: A "Betty"?
Mulder: Back in the day. ---

Mulder: I'll show you my theory if you show me yours. ---

Mulder: Max could tell them. You know why you collapsed don't you, Max?
Max: Yeah, too much teen spirit.
Mulder: You think? Smells like murder to me. ---

Scully: Well, you and I were both in there and nothing happened to us. We're still slowpoking around.
Mulder: What if we're too old? Well, you said that teenagers differ from adults chemically and physiologically. What if whatever is in that cave affects only them?

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