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The Goldberg Variation 7 x 06
Episode: The Goldberg Variation   Episode Number: 7x06   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Joe Cutrona: Let's make this interesting. I'm raising you 15 large.
Henry Weems: I wouldn't do that. This is all I need.
Cutrona: You're going to need Depends after you see this hand. ---

Henry: That's a straight flush, right? Beginner's luck. ---

Henry: $100,000 is all I need. Sorry. I had fun, though. Where can I cash out? ---

Henry: Guys, I think we're going up instead of down.
(They drag him out onto the roof.) Guys . . . Guys, this is not what I meant by "cashing out"! Hey! Hey! ---

Scully: Hey, Mulder, it's me. What now?
Mulder: Are you in Chicago?
Scully: Yes, I'm in Chicago. I'm on the northeast corner of 7th and Hunter just like you asked. Only you're not here. So where are you?
Mulder: Oh, around.
Scully: Yeah.
Mulder: Hey, nice outfit. ---

Mulder: This man fell 30 floors, plus the distance down this shaft, because these doors just happened to be open-- straight through, nothing but net.
Scully: Ouch.
Mulder: I'm guessing that's what he said. After, he got up, climbed out of here and scampered off into the night. ---

Scully: Was this basement thoroughly searched?
Mulder: No. Technically, falling 300 feet and surviving isn't a crime. ---

Scully: Maybe he just got lucky.
Mulder: What if he got really, really lucky? That's your big scientific explanation, Scully? ---

Scully: I think you're taking a flier here, Mulder. There's got to be at least 600 people with prosthetic eyes in the greater Chicago area. Mulder: Yeah, but only this one Henry Weems made an appointment this morning to get a new one.
(Mulder rings again.)
Scully: Maybe he can't see his way to the door. ---

Mulder: Come on, Scully. I'm feeling lucky. ---

Scully: You okay, Mulder?
Mulder: Yeah, it's all right. My ass broke the fall. ---

Scully: So, here's the plan, as I see it: we inform the Chicago field office about Weems, leaving it to them to secure his testimony, you change your clothes . . . we fly back to D.C. by sunset and all is right with the world. ---

Scully: Come on, Mulder, this guy just got lucky. There's no X-File here.
Mulder: Maybe his luck is the X-File. ---

Mulder: Cause and effect: seemingly unrelated and unconnected events and occurrences that appear unrelated and random beforehand but which seem to chain-react in Henry Weems' favor.
Scully: Dumb luck?
Mulder: Yeah, he seems to have tapped into it somehow.

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