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The Amazing Maleeni 7 x 08
Episode: The Amazing Maleeni   Episode Number: 7x08   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


HECKLER DUDE: Yo. Can't you do anything that ain't a hundred years old? That ain't old school, that's decrepit.
Maleeni: (patient) Young man, shall I come heckle you on your job? Make sure you count out the requisite number of McNuggets? ---

Scully: Mulder, his head was cut off.
Mulder: Ah, observe the nearly complete absence of blood. Observe the paucity of fingerprints as evidenced by the LAPD's liberal use of lycopodium powder.
Scully: Why are you talking like Tony Randall? ---

Mulder: You attended a magic show. The Amazing Maleeni.
Labonge: Yeah, he sucks. Why?
Scully: He's dead, under extremely suspicious circumstances.
Labonge: He still sucks. ---

Scully: Which makes it even stranger still because, as far as I can tell this body has been dead for over a month. I see signs of refrigeration.
Mulder: And yet he performed yesterday. What a trooper. ---

Labonge: Yeah. Whatever. Anyway, we're looking for a magician with the same height and build... a good makeup job and the right wig and no one would know the difference.
Scully: Not even you, I guess.
Labonge: I had a couple of Jell-O shots in me. ---

Scully: (after Mulder performs a magic trick) Amazing!
Mulder: (proudly) The great Muldeeni. ---

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