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X-Cops 7 x 12
Episode: X-Cops   Episode Number: 7x12   Tagline: The Truth is Out There
Working Title: Bad Boys


Wetzel: I don't know what it is about a full moon. It's just something about it. People just go off the wall. I mean, these are some pretty scary neighborhoods to begin with. ---

Wetzel: I mean, I didn't see anything that he's talking about.
Duthie: Big teeth, eight feet tall? What the hell are you describing?
Mulder: A werewolf.
Duthie: Excuse me? ---

Mulder: I'm sorry, but you're going to have to be isolated and kept under guard.
Duthie: With all due respect what the *bleep* are you talking about?
Mulder: I'm talking about preventing this man from becoming a danger to himself and to others.
Duthie: Can I see your badge again? ---

Scully: Mulder, have you noticed that we're on television?
Mulder: I don't think it's live television, Scully. She just said *bleep*. ---

Scully: Look, Mulder, you want to talk about werewolves to me you can knock yourself out. I may not agree with you but at least I'm not going to hold it against you but this . . . Mulder, this could ruin your career.
Mulder: What career? Scully, I appreciate it. You don't want me looking foolish. I do. I appreciate that. ---

Mrs. Guerrero: Claw monster. Claw monster. (Pointing at the drawing of Freddy Krueger) Deputy Juan Molina: Claw monster. Boy, you know, they kill him in every movie and he just keeps coming back. (chuckles and heads for the door.) I'm sorry. ---

Mulder: So, what did Skinner say? Scully: He said that the FBI has nothing to hide . . . and neither do we.
Mulder: Well, if it makes you feel any better, Scully, I'm not entirely convinced that we're looking for a werewolf anymore.
Scully: Oh. All right, good. ---

Mulder: So, apparently, we're on the lookout for someone whose hair matches her fingernails -- bubblegum pink. ) That'd be a good color for you, Scully. ---

Officer: This is my favorite part of the job-- knocking down crack houses.
Wetzel: I heard that. ---

(Mulder and Scully exit the house. Another camera team arrives with Wetzel. Scully looks at them with horror.)
Scully: Oh, God. More of you? ---

Wetzel: You really believe me, huh? You really believe I saw what I thought I saw?
Mulder: Yeah, I believe you. Wetzel: Why? Mulder: Why do I believe you?
Wetzel: Yeah. I mean, what proof do you have what I'm saying is real? I mean, it's not . . . it's not on the video tape.
Mulder: The camera doesn't always tell the whole story. ---

Wetzel: You know, I've been on the job 18 months-- all I ever wanted to do. Right out of the gate, I get some kind of rep like I'm crazy? I mean, you know how cops are. How's somebody supposed to live that down?
Mulder: I don't know. Uh, I guess just do good work. ---

Wetzel: And it's hard to have a fast-track career in law enforcement when everybody think you're nuts.
Mulder: Tell me about it. ---

Coroner's Assistant: Well, we got murder victims stacked three-deep in the freezer. Plus you got this camera crew reporting everything. Why?
Scully: (to the camera) Because the FBI has nothing to hide. ---

(To the camera guys) Scully: Damn it. I hate you guys. ---

Mulder: . . . Wetzel? It can't hurt you! You're a * bleep* Sheriff's Deputy, Wetzel! Don't be afraid now. And you're on national television, so cowboy up! ---

Scully: You think the Deputy stopped it whatever it was?
Mulder: Maybe it just went away until the next full moon. I don't know. You've got to figure there's enough fear in the world that if it doesn't show up in Willow Park it's going to show up someplace else. ---

Scully: It's going to be a hard one to write up. ---

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