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Chimera 7 x 16
Episode: Chimera   Episode Number: 7x16   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Scully: Yeah. Well, I hope you realize there's no evidence whatsoever that this mystery woman of yours has even committed a crime . . . (Scully looks down at a picture of a blonde woman in a very skimpy dress.) Though her wardrobe comes close. ---

Scully: Well, I hope we catch her, so she can tell us before I have to spend another night here. You know, Mulder I don't know about you but I find this all very depressing . . . This round-the-clock exposure to the seamy underbelly.
Mulder: That's the job, Scully-- vigilance in the face of deprivation . . . the sheer will that it takes to sit in this crappy room spying on the dregs of society until our suspect surfaces. There's something ennobling in that. ---

Mulder: I'm already on a case.
Skinner: You're on a stakeout. I'm confident Agent Scully can continue in your absence.
Mulder: Why? What did I do? ---

Mulder: No, really, what did I do? ---

Mulder: You're sure, uh, Martha's last name isn't Stewart?
Sheriff Phil Adderly: Tell me about it. Last year, this place made the cover of New England Home. ---

Ellen Adderly: Hey, maybe you would like some of these to put up on your side of town.
Jenny Uphouse: My side of town. Yeah, sure.
Ellen: Look, I didn't mean that the way it might have sounded.
Jenny: No, it just naturally comes out that way when you think you're better than everyone. ---

Scully: Mulder, please tell me I can go home. Mulder: Oh, hey, Scully. How's the stakeout?
Scully: Well, the furnace broke and I can just about see my breath in here.
Mulder: Ouch. I'm sorry to hear that.
Scully: That . . . and I've witnessed a couple hundred things I'd like to erase from my brain. Eww. But as of yet, no mystery woman.
Mulder: Well, she'll come, you know? It's just a matter of time. She'll show up-- I'm sure of that.
Scully: Yeah, well not before I die of malnutrition. (She picks up a piece of cold pizza and throws it back down)
Mulder: Hey, Scully, tough it out. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Right?
(At the table, Ellen is filling Mulder's plate with assorted side dishes.)
Mulder (to Ellen): No, no, no, no. No capers, thank you.
Scully: I'm sorry. What?
Mulder: I said, "What a . . . what a crazy caper." I'll talk to you later . . . and, uh, keep warm. Bye. ---

Phil: I don't know about you, but I believe her. She didn't do it. I just don't get that vibe.
Mulder: Fair enough, but why did she lie about her alibi? I got that vibe pretty clear. ---

Scully: Mulder, when you find me dead, my desiccated corpse propped up staring lifelessly through the telescope at drunken frat boys peeing and vomiting into the gutter just know that my last thoughts were of you and how I'd like to kill you.
Mulder: I'm sorry. Who is this?
Scully: It's a freak show, Mulder. It's a nonstop parade of every single lowlife imaginable.
Mulder: Well, the view may not be too different here. It's dressed up a little nicer but underneath the surface, it's the same seamy underbelly.
Scully: It's not the same, trust me. ---

Ellen: No, it's no trouble. Actually, it helps me. Whenever my life's a mess, I just do some housework. It gives me the illusion I'm in control.
Mulder: Well, maybe I should try that sometime. ---

Ellen: Do you have a . . . a significant other?
Mulder: Um, not in the widely understood definition of that term.
Ellen: Ah. Well, the right woman will come along and change all that. Don't miss out on home and family, Mr. Mulder. With all the terrible things you must see in your work-- well, it could be a refuge for you. ---

Mulder: So you were having an affair with both Jenny and Martha Crittendon? I got to hand it to you, Sheriff. You put the service back into "protect and serve."

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