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Brand X 7 x 18
Episode: Brand X   Episode Number: 7x18   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Skinner: Just try to stay away from the windows and doors, if you would.
Mrs. Scobie: Do we have to ask you if we can use the bathroom? ---

Mulder: Can't blow the whistle with a mouth like that. ---

Mulder: A tobacco employee that doesn't smoke-- Isn't that kind of like a GM executive who drives a Ford? ---

Skinner: We're here to see Dr. Voss.
Security Man: Do you have an appointment? (Mulder and Skinner both hold out their badges.)
Security Man: Do you have an appointment? (Mulder and Skinner hold out their badges again.)
Skinner: Maybe you missed this the first time around. ---

Skinner: Dr. Voss, can you enlighten us as to what Dr. Scobie intended to tell the grand jury? We know it had to do with company research.
Lead Counsel: I'm sorry. Dr. Voss would be in violation of his employment confidentiality clause in answering that question. ---

Skinner: You took him off a particular project. Can you tell us why that happened?
Lead Counsel: As before, Dr. Voss would be in violation of his confidentiality clause in answering questions regarding the nature of his work here at Morley. I'm sure you understand our cooperation cannot extend itself to revealing corporate secrets. ---

Lead Counsel: May I ask where you're going with this, Agent?
Mulder: I'm sorry, I can't. Answering that question would violate FBI confidentiality due to the sensitive nature of our investigation. ---

Mulder: Mr. Weaver, did you see or hear anything unusual last night?
Daryl Weaver: Little Korean fellow down the hall. Dresses like wonder woman. But that's every night. ---

Weaver: Say, there wouldn't happen to be, uh . . . any reward money involved would there? I mean, I could use an extra buck or two.
Mulder: The FBI would appreciate your voluntary cooperation, sir. That's the way it works.
Weaver: Ain't that always the way? ---

(Mulder's hospital room. He is asleep. Scully enters and gently takes his hand and rubs his fingers. He wakes up and smiles weakly at her. He looks at her holding his hand. His voice is raspy and hoarse.) Mulder: Mmm. It must be bad. ---

Scully: How do you feel? Mulder: Like a dust buster attacked me. ---

Scully: Hey. Good to be back?
Mulder: Beats the alternative. --

(Mulder holds up an unopened pack of Morley cigarettes.)
Mulder: I bought these on the way to work.
Scully: You're not going to start smoking.
Mulder: Well, they say the addiction is stronger than heroin.

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