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Fight Club 7 x 20
Episode: Fight Club   Episode Number: 7x20   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Mulder: Don't go thinking I'm going to start doing the autopsies. ---

Mulder: You know what I'm thinking?
Scully: That Mr. Zupanic not only knows Betty Templeton and where we can find her but that he is hip to whatever she's into and that I should look at that house on Moreton Bay Street while you go and find out from Mr. Zupanic what it is exactly that he's clearly hiding about Betty Templeton.
Mulder: I'm thinking that Bert Zupanic really truly doesn't know Betty Templeton.
Scully: Well, I guess that's why they put the "I" in the FBI. ---

Mulder: Well, there's lots to do here, and the barbecue's second to none right, Mr. Saperstein? Plus Mr. Saperstein's going to show me some in-your-face, smack-down moves so I can quit getting my ass kicked so often, right? Oh, and there's an art exhibit that traces the influence of Soviet art on the American pop culture, right? ---

Mulder: Sholom alecheim.
Saperstein: Yeah. Yo' mama. ---

Scully: Mr. Danfous?
Danfous: The sound of your voice is like a jackhammer on my eardrums! ---

Scully: Mr. Danfous, I'm Special Agent Dana Scully with the FBI.
Danfous: What's so special about you?! ---

Scully: . . . That we get as much information as possible about your mother and your father and anything about your family tree that may be able to explain the reactions that are being caused by these two girls.
Danfous: A big, ugly dog lifted its leg on my family tree. ---

Scully: Where have you been?
Mulder: (after getting out of the sewer) Seeing a side of Kansas City few men have the privilege to see. ---

Mulder: Betty Templeton. My name is Fox Mulder. I'm with the FBI. Can you come with me?
Betty Templeton: I'm watching the fight.
Mulder: Don't make me have to remove you, ma'am.

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