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Invocation 8 x 06
Episode: Invocation   Episode Number: 8x06   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Sheriff Sanchez: "I took his prints... It's him. Boy should be a teenager by now, but look at him. Explain to me how that can be."
Doggett: "I can't say, Sheriff. I'm just here to find out who took him."
Sheriff Sanchez: "I talked to everyone at school and no one saw him come back or how. The boy just come out of the blue."---

Sheriff Sanchez: "There's lots of files. There's just not much in them. We never even had a suspect."---

Scully: "Okay. Well, what we've got here is a healthy seven-year-old boy who was born 17 years ago."
Doggett: "And a healthy boy who won't speak."---

Doggett: "You want to talk about it, Billy? You know, maybe you think bad things happened to you because you've been a bad boy... but I'm here to tell you, that's not true. The bad guy is the one who took you away and it's up to you and me to get the bad guy. See, 'cause as big and tough as I am, I can't do it alone. I need your help. Can you tell me about him, Billy? What's his name? What did he look like?" ---

Doggett: "I just want to put the person who did this out of business. Billy just didn't show up. He got away or was let go. And if he can talk, he can tell us by who. Or he can look at photos in the files and point to the man who did this so this doesn't happen to some other little boy."---

Scully: "What showed up is that Billy is the same boy who was taken ten years ago."
Doggett: "We know that."
Scully: "No. I mean the same boy. He has no cavities. He has no tooth decay. He still has four baby teeth that he's never lost. He had a routine blood test six weeks before he disappeared in 1990. His cell counts, his enzymes, his hormone levels, they are all exactly the same as they were ten years ago."---

Doggett: "So, what's the punch line? Where are you saying he's been?"

Scully: "There are... X-File cases that describe similar paranormal findings. Alien abductees who came back with anomalous medical stats."
Doggett: "You know, these words: 'Anomalous', 'supernatural', 'paranormal'... They purport to explain something by not explaining it. It's lazy."
Scully: "I'm not saying that I can explain it, Agent Doggett, but this is definitely not normal."---

Doggett: "Look, I want to catch this guy, Agent Scully, whatever it takes." ---

Doug Underwood: "We should have tried to get more answers. We were too quick to pull him out of the hospital."
Lisa Underwood: "We weren't quick enough, Doug."
Doug Underwood: "For all we know he may need some kind of medical attention." Lisa Underwood: "Don't try to make this sound like you're concerned for Billy. It's sickening." Doug Underwood: "What I'm concerned about is this family. Something is wrong with him, Lisa." Lisa Underwood: "He is our son!" ---

Scully: "Well, I hate to say this... but I think that the best thing for Billy and his family is if he's removed to an institution under the observation of people who are experienced in these things."---

Scully: "This is not a normal child, Agent Doggett, and this is not a normal act."
Doggett: "You make it sound like he's possessed. Call the exorcist. He's a kid - a kid who's been through who knows what kind of hell. Give him a chance. How do you know he's not trying to communicate something?"
Scully: "And what's the message? Yes, he's a kid, Agent Doggett, you're right. He's a kid who materialised out of thin air, unaged. Do you not somehow recognise how strange this is?"---

Doug Underwood: "This is great. Now, I've got a psychic sitting in my living room who's going to tell me what's wrong with my son."
Scully: "I understand your misgivings, Mr Underwood, but perhaps you can look at this as just another avenue."---

Doug Underwood: "What am I left with? A kid who stabs knives into his brother's mattress? You don't know the half of it. He gives everyone but his mother the creeps with that stare of his."---

Sharon Pearl (psychic): "Is this going to happen?"
Doggett: "Shouldn't you be telling us that?" ---

Sharon Pearl (psychic): "You're no doubt confused, Agent Doggett. I take psychic readings not see through walls."---

Sharon Pearl: "There are very powerful forces at work here. Working through this boy. Drawing him to his brother. I feel this force... I feel this force..." (looks at Doggett) "...coming through you. You lost someone just like Billy." ---

Scully: "It's impossible, Agent Doggett, like everything else about this case. Like how Billy can be in his home one minute and then in Ronnie's car the next. Everything about this case is impossible."
Doggett: "This kid is the key, Agent Scully. I've been saying that from the beginning and I'll say it now."---

Sheriff Sanchez: "Agent Doggett, Agent Scully, I got bad news on top of worse. Josh, the Underwood's other little boy, has disappeared. I'm not joking, not even close."----

Doggett: "I've got to talk to this kid, Agent Scully. I'm absolutely sure." ---

Scully: "Okay, the clothes, the age and condition of the bones, the location of the grave. There is no doubt that that is Billy Underwood's skeleton that is in that grave."
Doggett: "We spent time with this boy. Doctors took Billy's blood. You examined him yourself. Now, I can't accept it. I can't believe we're asking them to."---

Scully: "Look, I know where you are with this. I have been there. I know what you're feeling - that you've failed and that you have to explain this somehow. And maybe you can."
Doggett: "Not if that's Billy's body, I can't."---

Scully: "But maybe that's explanation enough. That that's not Billy's brother lying in that grave, too. That that man who did this is never going to be able to do it again. Isn't that what you wanted, Agent Doggett?"
Doggett: "Agent Scully, don't ask me to believe that this is some kind of justice from beyond the grave."
Scully: " All I'm saying is that maybe you succeeded... whether you're willing to see that or not."

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