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Salvage 8 x 10
Episode: Salvage   Episode Number: 8x10   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Doggett: "Car's registered to a Curtis Delario, local address. So far, he's been unreachable."
Scully: "Well, it's highly unlikely that wherever he is he feels like picking up the phone this morning."
Doggett: "Muncie PD ran some calculations. Based on the distance travelled, the length of the skid marks, they estimate the car was going at least 40 when it impacted the object, which, according to their math would require something 4300 times the density of steel to cause the damage we're looking at."---

Doggett: "I hope you're not suggesting that what this car hit was a man, Agent Scully, because there's no way."
Scully: "Well, these impressions in the asphalt look pretty fresh to me."
Doggett: "I admit to the coincidence but you know as well as I that if a man were here he'd be splattered from here to tomorrow and there's just no evidence of that."
Scully: "You're right, which is suspicious in and of itself. I mean, this car definitely hit something and the only evidence that we have are these two prints."
Doggett: "You know I hate to ruin your beautiful theory with ugly facts but stop to examine the incident. If a man were standing here, the driver would have stopped."
Scully: "Well, it looks like he tried to."
Doggett: "Well, even so, if a man were in the middle of the road with a car coming wouldn't he try to move?"
Scully: "Unless he wanted to stop the car."
Doggett: "Yes, but if nothing less than a block of steel could stop this car then, ipso facto, it could not have been a man standing in the street last night."
Scully: "Or certainly no ordinary man."---

Doggett: "Curtis Delario, you know him?"
Nora Pearce: "He was a friend of my husband's. They worked together at the salvage yard."---

Doggett: "Well, we're not even sure he was driving the car last night."
Nora Pearce: "He was. He came over after my husband's funeral and then he left and..."
(Scully is looking in a dumpster a few yards away)
Scully: "Agent Doggett!"
(Doggett joins her) "Meet Curtis Delario." (Curtis Delario's forehead and temples have five deep puncture wounds)
"I guess he won't be much help clearing any of this up." ---

Doggett: "I think I got some answers."
Scully: "So do I. It wasn't the crash that killed Curtis Delario. He was badly injured, but he was clearly still alive when his body was pulled... through the car's windshield."---

Doggett: " I was able to reconstruct a section of the windshield and lift a print from the glass."
Scully: "Whose?"
Doggett: "Raymond Aloysius Pearce. Husband of Nora Pearce, woman I spoke with at the accident site."
Scully: "Hmm."
Doggett: "Her recently deceased husband."
Scully: "Well, if he was recently deceased then it must have been an old print."
Doggett: "Well, what you would think except along with the print there was evidence of fresh blood and it belongs to Ray Pearce, too." ---

Doggett: "What was their relationship, Mrs Pearce - your husband and Curtis Delario - outside of work?"
Nora Pearce: "I know what their relationship is now. They're both dead."---

Doggett: "I'm having trouble proving something myself, Mrs Pearce. You signed a form to have your husband's body cremated but it appears it never happened."
Nora Pearce: "What do you mean? They gave me the ashes. They were at the funeral."---

Doggett: "Let me get to the point, Mrs Pearce. Is it possible your husband is still alive?"---

Harry Odell: "Ray Pearce worked for me nine years. He was a good man. He never raised a hand to anyone." ---

Harry Odell: "God almighty. Ray. It's true. Oh, you got everybody wondering, man. And they're looking for you. They blame you for killing Curt. Now, me and Curt, we're your friends. You can't blame this on us. You got to believe me, it wasn't us. " ---

Harry Odell: (pointing a gun at Ray)"This time, you stay dead." ---

Doggett: "I saw guys take hits in the war that kept right on fighting, holding their insides in their hands. I know it's not impossible. But to do this to a man's head after taking two barrels of buckshot..."
Scully: "Or being hit by a car."
Doggett: "I don't see how a man could possibly do this."
Scully: "Well, maybe the question's not how but why? I mean, if Ray Pearce did indeed kill this man what would be his reason?"---

Dr Pugovel: "They're called smart metals. The idea is to one day build things that are indestructible. Cars, equipment built of alloys with molecular memory. If damaged, they'd rebuild into their original forms."---

Scully: "Did you find Dr Clifton?"
Doggett: "He's no longer with the company. But his successor says his work here was entirely conceptual. Everything's done on computers."
Scully: "What kind of conceptual work?"
Doggett: "Thing called smart metals. It's pretty incredible - metal alloys designed to rebuild themselves."
Scully: "I wonder. As it happens Ray Pearce's illness is pretty incredible, too. I've reviewed Ray's medical records from the VA. What his wife was calling Gulf War Syndrome is nothing of the kind. His entire cellular makeup was affected by exposure to some non-identifiable contaminant - a metal."
Doggett: "What are you saying? Ray Pearce has become some kind of metal man? Because that only happens in the movies, Agent Scully."
Scully: "Does it, Agent Doggett?"
Doggett: "Tell you what. I'll press this guy here a little more on the issue."
Scully: "Well, maybe there's a reason why he's not being perfectly forthcoming." ---

Scully: "It's all right. I just got the blood test back on Ray Pearce and it was indeed the same Ray Pearce who was pronounced dead three days ago. But that's not all. By all medical standards he should still be dead. His blood has enough metal alloy in it to... uh... poison an elephant."
Doggett: "Except that he's still a man, Agent Scully and he's going to act and think like one even if he is more powerful than a speeding locomotive."---

Doggett: "Cleaned up his act. He met Nora and married her in 91, checked himself into a rehab and got straight. This was a guy to root for, Agent Scully. This was a guy that overcame adversity and made a life for himself."
Scully: "Until three days ago."
Doggett: "I've busted a lot of killers, Agent Scully and dollars for doughnuts, they fit a profile. But the Ray Pearce in this file is no murderer let alone a guy that would hunt down his friends and crush their skulls."
Scully: "Agent Doggett, the man that we're speaking about withstood impact from a speeding car and two shotgun blasts at short range. Even if we can find him, who's to say we can stop him?" ---

Dr Puvogel: "The door is four inches thick. I don't think it's going to hold!"
Doggett: "You'd better hope it does 'cause if it doesn't, he's coming after you and I don't know if we can stop him." ---

Doggett: "What is that? Is that blood?"
Scully: "Turning itself into metal."---

Dr Puvogel: "I didn't do anything to the man! I didn't do anything."
Doggett: "You want to argue about it or let us get you someplace safe?!"
Dr Puvogel: "Where's that? Where's safe?!"
Doggett: "It's not in here."---

Raymond Pearce: "You shouldn't have come, Nora."
Nora Pearce: "I shouldn't have come? That's what you say to me? I'm your wife. I came here because you didn't come to me. I had to have some stranger tell me. Why didn't you come, Ray?"
Raymond Pearce: "Because I'm not me."
Nora Pearce: "I don't care what's happened. Whatever it is, it's a miracle. Don't go."
(She reaches for his hand, but cries out, cradling her bloody palm, cut from where she touched the metal part of hand)
Raymond Pearce: "There's your miracle."
Nora Pearce: "Ray, let me help you. Please, let me help."
Raymond Pearce: "They've got to pay for this. They've all got to pay." ---

Dr Puvogel: "You mind telling me what's going on here. It's not enough that my life's been threatened. I'm being treated like a criminal."
Scully: "Not without cause."---

Doggett: "Is this Dr Clifton - Dr David Clifton - your predecessor?"
Dr Puvogel: "Yes."
Doggett: "You care to explain how he ended up in a Chamber Technology hazardous waste barrel?"---

Doggett: "Oh, you're finished. One way or another your work here is done."
Dr Puvogel: "We didn't know this was going to happen! We were just trying to push the envelope, do the right thing for the company. Then he got sick. He was... he was working with an alloy with a genetic algorithm built into it. It converted electrical energy into mechanical. Gave it memory."
Scully: "And it poisoned him."
Dr Puvogel: "We immediately shut down the project. But it was too late. He didn't have any family. His work was his life. He wanted to leave us to continue working on the science."
Doggett: "And leave you to ship this barrel and his body to Southside Salvage where it infected somebody else."---

Doggett: (to Nora Pearce) "You might be interested to know that your husband just broke through a second storey wall and eluded a dozen cops at St Clare house. That please you, Mrs Pearce? Does it please you to know that he killed a young woman there, a volunteer named Larina Jackson?"
Scully: "That makes three people. Three people that he's killed and for what?"
Nora Pearce: "Because they made him what he is."---

Nora Pearce: "The Ray I know... died. And the man responsible should pay for that."
Scully: "So who is it? It's the CEO here? The owner? Give us a name, Mrs Pearce, before someone else has to die."
Nora Pearce: "I... I never gave him a name."
Doggett: "Get her out of here. Put her on 24-hour watch." ---

Raymond Pearce: "I need the name."
Nora Pearce: "No one else needs to die, Ray." (He grabs her wrist and she gasps in pain) "You won't do it, not to me."
Raymond Pearce: "I need the man's name." ---

Nora Pearce: "He's in the house! Tell the FBI agents it's Harris. Ray made me give him the name. Owen Harris! Ray's going to kill him." ---

Raymond Pearce: "Owen Harris... don't look away. Look at me."
Owen Harris: "Why are you doing this?"
Raymond Pearce: "Because you made me."
Owen Harris: "I don't know what you're talking about."
Raymond Pearce: "Southside Salvage."
Owen Harris: "I'm just an accountant." ---

Doggett: "He came here to kill this man but something stopped him, didn't it?"
Scully: "This man, Owen Harris? He begged for his life. It might just have saved him. His attacker got up and ran away."
Doggett: "Makes no sense. Ray Pearce was a determined killer looking for someone to blame. Why stop here?" ---

Doggett: "Wherever Ray Pearce went, the answer to that question went with him but I can tell you why he came after Owen Harris. It was his name Nora found in the file. He was the accountant who authorised the shipment of hazardous materials to Southside Salvage. ---

Scully: "Well, I think that, uh, Nora Pearce may have been right. Her husband died, or at least his body did. Whatever killed those people was an abomination of a man. It was a machine."
Doggett: "A machine? Come on, a machine doesn't know blame, Agent Scully."
Scully: "Nor mercy. Unless what drove Ray to kill is also what saved those people. Some flicker of humanity." ---

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