X Files Trivia
X Files Trivia
      The Actors
  • The following actors have appeared in multiple roles on the X Files:
    • Dwight McFee - "Irresistible", "Shapes" and "Little Green Men"
    • Sheila Moore - "Deep Throat" (as Verla Mclennen), "Excelsius Dei" (as a convalescent home director).
    • Mitch Kosterman - "GenderBender", "Sleepless"(as Detective Horton)
    • Andrew Johnson - "Deep Throat" (Colonel Budahas), "Colony" (Agent Barry Weiss)
    • Gordon Baines - "Our Town" (staff physician), "Young at Heart" (Dr. Ridley)
    • Kate Twa - "Soft Light" (Detective Kelly Ryan), "GenderBender" (the female Marty)
    • Tasha Simms - "Eve" (Cindy Reardon's mother), "Excelsius Dei" (daughter of Stan Philips)
    • Tom McBeath - "3" (Detective Munson), "Space" (scientist)
    • James Leard - "The Erlenmeyer Flask" (Captain Lacerio), "Colony" (Sgt. Al Dixon)
    • Tom Butler - "Colony," (Agent Chapel), "Ghost in the Machine" (Benjamin Drake)
    • Stu Charno - "Irresistible" (played the Satie piece), "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" (homocidal maniac). He is also married to the former X-Files writer who penned the episodes "Aubrey" and "The Calusari."
    • P. Lynn Johnson - "Die Hand Die Verletzt" (Deborah Brown), "Born Again" (Dr. Sheila Braun)
    • Gillian Barber who plays the woman who comes to the door and says "She's one" in "Nisei," also appeared in "Red Museum," where kids disappeared and returned with the words "He/She is one" painted on their backs.
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