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X Files Trivia
      Chris Carter
  • Chris Carter appeared as an FBI agent in the episode Anasazi.
  • Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz met in a Book Club.
  • Chris Carter's birthday is October 13 or Ten Thirteen (1013) which explains the name of his production company and recurring references to the date/ number on the X Files.
  • Chris Carter's wife (Dori) birthday is November 21. She is a screenwriter.
  • Chris Carter is addicted to eating sunflower seeds, a quirk that it displays itself in Fox Mulder.
  • The first X-Files episode directed by Chris Carter was "Duane Barry"
  • It was Carter's decision to kill off Deep Throat.
  • Chris Carter originally called fans of X-Files "File-o-philes" before they changed their nickname to "X-Philes".
  • Chris Carter and Mark Snowappeared on Los Angeles' KCRW's radio show "Morning Becomes Electric" for three hours on April 2, 1996.
  • Chris Carter wrote the lyrics to PM Dawn's "If You Never Say Goodbye" on The Songs in the Key of X CD.
  • Carter claims to be "a natural skeptic" who has personally never had a paranormal experience.
  • In Carter's opinion, the X-Files really exist somewhere in the government.
  • The Ray Harryhausen fantasy movie, Mysterious Island, left a tremendous impression on Carter as a boy.
  • Fox was the first and only network that Carter took the X Files to.
  • Although a fan of The Invaders, Project UFO and The Outer Limits, Chris Carter admits he has never watched a single episode of Star Trek.
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