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X Files Trivia
      Dana Scully
  • Scully takes her coffee with 1 cream, no sugar (E.B.E.).
  • Scully's best friend is Ellen (In Jersey Devil Scully asks her if she knew any men.). Her son Trent is Scully's godson.
  • Dana Scully's dog Queequeg was originally owned by a Mrs. Lowe (Acquired September 22, 1995. Eaten by an alligator in March or April 1996.). He appeared in three episodes - Clyde Bruckman, War of the Corpophages and Quagmire.
  • We've only seen Scully's younger brother, Charles Scully, once, during a flashback in "One Breath".
  • Scully's doctor in Redux II was Dr. Zuckerman.
  • Scully took German as a foreign language in college.
  • The name of the bar where Scully and Ed Jerse went on their date was The Hard Eight Lounge (Never Again).
  • Scully's cross and chain was found by Mulder in Duane Barry's trunk when she was abducted. The cross had been given to her by her mother when she was 15.
  • Scully's rare date, Rob, wanted to go to Cirque du Soleil on their second date.
  • The candy that Dana Scully was eating in War of the Corpophages was called Choco-Droppings.
  • Mulder traded Scully's phone number to Frohike for night vision goggles.
  • We see Scully reading "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in War of the Corpophages.
  • Scully first puts a masking tape X on the window in End Game.
  • Scully first fired her gun in Ghost in the Machine - to shut off a fan.
  • Scully uses a Sig-Sauerp230 gun.
  • Scully gave Jack Willis a watch with th message - Happy 35th Love D - inscribed on the back.
  • Scully's X-File Number is 44495.
  • Scully's father died of a heart attack in January 1994.The song 'Beyond the Sea' was played at his funeral.
  • Scully was abducted at Skyland Mountain, Virginia.
  • Scully did a few uncharacteristic things in Syzygy - she tells Mulder to shut up runs a stop sign for no apparent reason and smokes a cigarette.
  • Special Agent Scully's FBI I.D. number is 2317-616.
  • Scully's birthdate is February 23, 1964. Her place of birth is unknown.
  • Scully was a tomboy when she was growing up.
  • Scully's mother Margaret, a devout Catholic and psychic when it comes to her children, is the executor of Scully's living will.
  • Scully spent the first year of her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Berkley, near the Alameda Naval Air Station, where her father was posted.
  • Scully was discovered in a deep coma with no witness or records of her admission in North Georgetown University Hospital when she reappeared after er abduction. Upon her recovery, she returned to duty, claiming to have had no memory of the events of her disappearance.
  • Scully prefers sik underwear.
  • Scully's home phone number is 202-555-6431. Her cellular phone number is 202-555-3564 and E-mail address is D_Scully@FBI.gov.
  • In the field, Scully sometimes uses a Mac Powerbook 540C computer.
  • The title of Scully's senior thesis was "Einstein's Twin Paradox: A New Interpretation".
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