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      David Duchovny
  • The dog in the episode titled "Ice" is the father of David Duchovny's dog Blue.
  • According to Chris Carter when auditioning for the role of Fox Mulder, David Duchovny wore a tie "with pink pigs all over it". He competed against one other actor for the role.
  • David Duchovny's voice can be heard in the long distance phone company Sprint's commercial.
  • Duchovny suffered a burn severe enough to leave a scar on his hand during the filming of the episode Fire.
  • David Duchovny performed his own stunts in the aerial tram sequence in Ascension.
  • David Duchovny hosted Saturday Night Live on May 20, 1995.
  • David Duchovny doesn't wear his pants when filming head shots on the series.
  • David Duchovny made a surprise guest appearance as a pool-shark on Space: Above and Beyond as a character called Handsome Alvin.
  • Duchovny has flatly said on many occassions that he doesn't want to see anybody he works with on the series off the set.
  • David Duchovny has said that "Mulder thinks about UFOs the way other men think about sex".
  • Duchovny admires playwright/actor Sam Shepard the most.
  • David Duchovny used to perform poetry readings at a L.A. pub called Largo's.
  • Duchovny is a fan of the band Rolling Stones. He was spotted in the audience at the last date on the Rband's "Voodoo Lounge" 1995 tour.
  • Duchovny's brother used to call him "ugly" when he was growing up.
  • Duchovny lost to Stephen King on Celebrity Jeopardy.
  • David Duchovny was chosen among People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People in the World 1996".
  • David Duchovny's senior thesis at Princeton, where he earned a Bachelor's degree, was entitled The Schizophrenic Critique of Pure Reason in Beckett's Early Novels. His unfinished doctoral dissertation was titled Magic and Technology in Contemporary American Fiction and Poetry.
  • David was 11 when his parents divorced. Duchovny's father is in public relations and authored an off-Broadway play, The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, which ran for about a week in 1967.
  • When he was 13, Duchovny, always a good athlete and student, won a scholarship to New York's elite Collegiate School. This is the same school that was attended by John F. Kennedy, Jr.
  • Duchovny, who wasn't too fond of his preppy classmates at Yale and Princeton and referred to them as Gargoyles.
  • At the urging of an actor friend in college, Duchovny tried out and was hired for a TV commercial for beer
  • Duchovny once considered his role as the transvestite detective(Dennis/Denise) in Twin Peaks as the "beginning and end" of his career.
  • The X-Files turned out to be the only pilot script Duchovny's agent decided to send him during The X-Files formative year.
  • Duchovny believes that Glen Morgan and James Wong have written some of the best scripts for the X Files. His favorite X Files directors are David Nutter and Rob Bowman.
  • Duchovny didn't want to be on a weekly TV series, so he accepted the part of the UFO-busting G-man Fox Mulder because he didn't expect the show to last a season.
  • Duchovny described himself as "a morose S.O.B." in a December 1995 interview with Starlog magazine.
  • Duchovny is one of the most intelligent and educated actors on TV. Co-star, Gillian Anderson, say it takes her half an hour to to decipher one paragraph of what he says in a print interview.
  • At the end of The X-Files second season, he re-negotiated a new contract from $35,000 to $100,000 per episode.
  • Duchovny, writes poetry in his trailer between filming scenes on The X-Files.
  • Duchovny is a vegetarian who religiously practices yoga.
  • Duchovny at one time dated actress Maggie Wheeler, who played Janice, Chandler's sometime girlfriend on the hit NBC series Friends. They were in the movie New Year's Day together.
  • Duchovny plays basketball with comedian Gary Shandling on a semi-regular basis.
  • Duchovny's sister, Laurie, and their mother, Margaretboth teach.
  • Duchovny used to swim for an hour almost every morning at a public park in Vancouver.
  • David doesn't personally believe in the existence of UFOs.
  • David's favorite poets are John Ashbery, Wallace Stegner and Charles Bukowski.
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