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X Files Trivia
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  • The very first X-file was opened by J. Edgar Hoover.
  • Navajo is the language in which most of the secret documents in the X Files are present. This is because it was the only code that the Japanese couldn't break.
  • The "tabloid" newspaper that frequently makes an appearance in the show is World Weekly Informer.
  • During a scene in a graveyard the camera pans past a headstone which bears the names Diana and Nicholas Salinger with the year of death 1994. This is a reference to the late parents of the Salinger family featured in another Fox show, Party of Five.
  • The name of the talking tatoo in Never Again is Betty(Voice of Jodie Foster)
  • The X-Files episode Home was banned on FOX.
  • The First Elder was watching the Senate Hearing on Cloning on TV in Redux II.
  • Jose Chung told Scully he was writing "From Outer Space" for money.
  • The song "Walking in Memphis" featured in Post-Modern Prometheus was written by Marc Cohn.
  • Pusher hums along with the song Misty at the Mt Foodmore Supermarket.
  • Keep-it-storage is the company that Leonard Betts rented space from.
  • Holly the FBI computer clerk's shoe size was 7, according to Skinner.
  • Both Max Fenig and Modell took the epilepsy medicine Tegritol.
  • Frank Burst, accused (Pusher)Modell of having decorated his apartment with the Dr. Seuss character theGrinch who stole christmas.
  • Some characters's occupations:
    Lauren Kyte, Secretary
    Ed Funsch, Postal worker
    Susanne Modeski, chemist
    Karen Kosoff, social worker
    Roland Fuller, janitor
    John lee Roche, vacuum salesman
    Bear, pilot
  • The World's fair in NY city was depicted on the postcard in Aubrey.
  • John Lee Roche (Paper Hearts) drove a White El Camino.
  • Bill Mulder bought a Princess model vacuum from John Lee Roche.
  • The meat company in Red Museum was JASD beef.
  • The computer company featured in Ghost in the Machine was Eurisko.
  • In Paper Hearts, the book Alice in Wonderland is found in Roche's camper top.
  • The astrologer in Syzygy referred to her job as one of "a numbers cruncher".
  • 2shy's first victim ahd a four leaf clover on her necklace.
  • The motto of alt-fuel in War of the Corphrages was "Waste is a terrible thing to waste". Reverand Hartley's vanity plate in Miracle Man read BHEALD.
  • The alias used by Max Fenig in the episode Tempus Fugit/Max was Paul Gidney.
  • The Eves and Adams have 56 Chromosomes (Normal is 46).
  • The slogan for the Chaco Chicken company in Our Town was "Good People. Good Food". Dr. Sally Kendrick worked at the fertility clinic at Luther Stapes Center, San Francisco. Augustus Cole, in Sleeper, was nicknamed Preacher.
  • The production company that produced the alien autopsy video in Nisei was Rat Tail Productions.
  • Donnie Pfaster worked for Ficecello Frozen Foods as a delivery driver.
  • In Jose Chung's from Outer Space there was an Alien smoking a cigarette.
  • In the series pilot, the 'Cigarette Smoking Man' takes a metal object removed from an orangutan corpse "for safekeeping".
  • The Field Where I Died involves a battlefield from The Civil War.
  • Clyde Bruckman's favorite singer was The Big Bopper.
  • The "biblical" reference written on a wall by the vampires in 3 was "He who eats my flesh and drinks of my blood shall have eternal life and I shall raise them up on the last day."
  • The high school in Die Hand Die Verletzt was called Crowley High School, which was an appreciative nod to Alistair Crowley, an influential founding father of modern Wicca.
  • The disgusting bugs shown on the warthog in the opening sequence of F. Emasculata were cockroaches, assassin beetles, and mealworms, none of which belong to the F. Emasculata insect group for which the episode was named.
  • For those who do not speak fluent Romanian, when Charlie stood over his grandmother before her death in The Calusari episode, he said, "You're too late to stop us".
  • Colonel Wharton performed his voodoo ritual at the end of Fresh Bones in French. The English translation was "To the spirit of the stars. To the spirit of the moon".
  • The classic black-and-white movie which made a brief cameo on Modell's television set in Pusher was Svengali.
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