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X Files Trivia
      Fox Mulder
  • Agent Mulder's apartment number is 42---which is the answer to life, the universe, and everything from Douglas Adams' "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."
  • Mulder wanted to watch the show The Magician when Samantha was abducted. Richard Nixon was on TV while Fox was waiting for the show at 9'o clock, Samantha wanted to change channels.
  • Mulder first fired his gun in the episode Conduit to ward off some white wolves. He first killed someone in Young at Heart.
  • X used a Ten of Diamonds playing card to contact Mulder in Fresh Bones.
  • Mulder boarded the ship Queen Anne in Triangle.
  • Mulder was given a note by Senator Matheson in Little Green Men. It said "They might be listening".
  • Scott Ostelhoff was Mulder's neighbor, living in the apartment above Mulder's, he used to spy on Mulder and reported to Secrion Chief Blevins. Mulder killed him and passed of his body as his own.
  • Mulder brings with him to Scully's bedside in a plastic bag in One Breath a video of "SuperStars of the SuperBowls".
  • Mulder's "spiritual journey" in Never Again was to Graceland.
  • Bill Mulder's dying words to his son are "Forgive me".
  • Mulder uses the aliases "Marty Mulder" twice - in Small Potatoes and 3.
  • Mulder's first words as a baby were JFK.
  • Mulder once paid $20 for a UFO picture in a restaurant called The Flying Saucer (Deep Throat).
  • Mulder and Samantha were playing Stratego when she was abducted on 27 November 1973. They were in Chilmark, Massachusetts. He was 12, she was 8.
  • Mulder was armed with a Taurus 92 automatic, then later a Glock 19 and Sig Sauer 226 during his early years with the Bureau. He eventually began carrying a Smith & Wesson 1076.
  • The first man ever to be caught with the help of Agent Fox Mulder was John Barnett.
  • Mulder played baseball when he was growing up. He used to play at right field.
  • Mulder's phone no. is (202)555-9355.
  • Mulder has a photographic memory and the uncanny ability to process information and leap ahead to logical conclusions.
  • Mulder's first supervisor in the FBI was Reggie Purdue.
  • Eugene Tooms filed formal charges against Mulder, accusing him of engaging in harassment.
  • Max Fenig's NICAP hat sometimes hangs on Mulder's coat tree.
  • Mulder uses Washington Redskins tickets to bribe Danny Valodella with to expedite license plate and adoption record searches.
  • Mulder has a fondness for classic rock music.
  • Agent Mulder enjoys watching classic science-fiction.
  • Mulder's preferred drink for stakeouts is Iced Tea 35.
  • Mulder has an intense fear of fire.
  • Mulder subscribes to Celebrity Skin and is known to read such porno publications as Adult Video News in his free time.
  • Mulder's favorite NBA team are the New York Knicks.
  • Running Fox was a Native American name given to Agent Mulder during an X-File investigation.
  • Mulder favors the alias George Hale during investigations when an assumed name is required.
  • Agent Mulder keeps his notes for his field reports in a handwritten journal.
  • The population of Mulder's hometown is 650.
  • In 1993, Agent Mulder wrote an article on the Gulf Breeze UFO sightings for Omni magazine under the pseudonym M.F. Luder 46.
  • Samantha Mulder's X-File number is X-40253.
  • We have seen Mulder kiss four women - Phoebe Green (Fire), Kristen Kilar (3), his mother (Colony) and Dana Scully (Millenium)
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