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      Gillian Anderson
  • An online nickname for Gillian Anderson and words written on the outside of the Piper Maru is also Drop Dead Red.
  • Gillian Anderson plays the computer's voice in the computer game Hellbender.
  • Gillian Anderson said she would have become a marine biologist if she was not an actress.
  • Gillian Anderson actually put a cricket in her mouth (but did not swallow) during the filming of Humbug.
  • Less than a week before the shooting of One Breath Gillian had undergone a cesarean section.
  • As an inside joke alluding to Gillian Anderson's real-life pregnancy, Scully is seen buying pickles and ice cream in the supermarket scene in Duane Barry.
  • Gillian Anderson discussed her loss of privacy and fear of X-Files fans in the magazine McCalls.
  • Gillian Anderson was in Washington, D.C in 1996, petitioning Congress to provide funds to support research for Neurofibromatosis, which her brother suffers from.
  • Gillian Anderson is allergic to cats (which made for a lot of fun while filming the cat-infested climax to "Teso Dos Bichos").
  • Gillian Anderson narrated the Discovery Channel's Spies Above, an absorbing and undeniably rare look inside the classified world of spy surveillance and information-gathering from space.
  • Gillian Anderson described the series' shooting schedule to the Los Angeles Times as "a death sentence".
  • Gillian Anderson is the oldest of three children.
  • Anderson's father, Edward, attended the prestigious London Film Schoo.
  • In her youth Anderson wore a ring in her nose and dyed her hair blue, purple and black.
  • While she struggled to support herself as an actress Anderson worked as a waitress.
  • After replacing Mary-Louise Parker who abandoned the play to take a role in the movie Grand Canyon two weeks into rehearsal, Anderson won a Theatre World Award for her performance in the off-Broadway production of Absent Friends.
  • Anderson ultimately settled in Hollywood after she became involved with another actor in the play The Philanthropist, followed him to the West Coast, and eventually moved in with him.
  • Anderson swore she would never work in television, but after being out of work for almost a year she began auditioning. Her first TV role was Fox's Class of '96.
  • The X-Files was the only pilot for which she auditioned in 1993. She learned that she had landed The X-Files part the same day her final unemployment check came.
  • Steven Williams (aka Mr. X) owned the condominium she leased when she relocated to Vancouver for the long, arduous months of filming The X-Files.
  • Anderson's daughter, Piper, was delivered by cesarean section on September 25, 1994, two days overdue.
  • Anderson toook 10 days of maternity leave before returning to work on the series.
  • Anderson's father, Edward, runs a movie postproduction company and her mother, Rosemary, is a computer analyst.
  • Unlike her skeptical X-Files character, she has "a basic belief in the paranormal."
  • A Native American told Anderson and her husband that their house in Vancouver was haunted by "souls in unrest". He eventually cleansed the house with an Indian purification ritual.
  • Anderson and her husband married by a Buddhist priest at the 17th hole of a Hawaiian golf course.
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