X Files Trivia
X Files Trivia
      The Numbers Game
  • In Paper Hearts, John Lee Roche stashes 16 fabric hearts.
  • Mulder's mother was in Room 128 in the hospital in the episodes Talitha Cumi/Herrenvolk.
  • Roland's pass number into the lab was 315.
  • The flight number of the plane that crashed in Tempus Fugit/Max was 549.
  • The number on the alien boxcar in Nisei/731 was 82594.
  • Scully's birthdate is February 23rd, 1964.
  • Samantha Mulder was abducted on November 27th, 1973.
  • John Byers' date of birth is 11-22-63.
  • Virgil Incanto's apartment number is 27. (2Shy)
  • Arthur Grable's computer password was 1566.
  • The three different passwords used by Scully to break into Mulder's Computer in Little Green Men were Spooky, samantha, trustno1.
  • The phone number to Skyland Mountain is 555-7684.
  • Eddie Van Blundht's address is 17 Prospect Parkway.
  • Eugene Victor Tooms drives an animal control van with the license plate number NUB9P3.
  • The address of Zeus Storage (Erlenmeyer Flask) is 1616 Pandora Street,Ardis, Maryland.
  • Some X Files episodes with a number in the title? are 3, 2Shy, 731, One Breath, Two Fathers, One Son
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