Agent Pendrell Name: Agent Pendrell
Nickname:Lab Boy
Occupation: Agent, Sci-Crime Laboratory, FBI
Nisei * 731 * Apocrypha * Avatar * Herrenvolk * Teliko * Tunguska * Tempus Fugit * Max

Bio: Agent Pendrell or Lab-boy as he is affectionately known (he works in the Sci-Crime Laboratory), entered the picture in Nisei helping Agent Scully analyse the computer chip found in her neck. The last sentence also revelas his two favorite things - lab analysis and Scully. His massive crush on her and willingness to do anything for her, provide for some amusing moments.It is not made clear whether Scully is aware of his crush but Mulder sure is (Teliko..see quotes below). Always willing to help Mulder and Scully with analysis, he's even helped out clear Skinner in a murder investigation and helped Scully identify her sister's killer. There has been some discussion on his first name and the different characters that the actor Brendan Beiser has appeared as in. There was not supposed to be an Agent Pendrell. An Agent Kautz, who previously appeared in Anasazi, was supposed to have been the recurring character. The part had to be recast however as the actor who played Kautz was unavailable. The character was replaced by an Agent Comox who met the same fate as Kautz, because the actor who was to play him, Paul McGillion was unavailable as well. Brendan Beiser in fact played Comox in Nisei but he was never called Comox out loud in the episode. From the next episode he appeared in, Beiser's character became Agent Pendrell. Oddly enough, Beiser is later cast in Avatar in the role of Dr.Rick Newton, who was actually to be a new character. However that role was forgotten and that of Pendrell developed. As for his first name, outside the actual episodes, he ahs been referred to as Danny and Sean, while Beiser himself thinks Pendrell's first name is Peter.
Pendrell however does not last long on the X Files. A slightly tipsy Pendrell happens upon Scully and her companion Sgt. Louis Frish in a Washinton, D.C. bar. He offers to buy them birthday girl drinks since it had been Scully's birthday just a few days prior. An unknown man enters the bar and tries to kill Frish. Pendrell coming over with drinks gets into the line of fire in front of Scully and is shot dead. Despite Scully's attempts at first aid and the prompt arrival of paramedics, he passes away on February 26 at the age of 33. In a poignant moment the next day, Scully tearfully informs Mulder that she hadn't even known Pendrell's first name.

  • 731
  • Scully - Well done Agent Pendrell. Keep up the good work.
    Pendrell - Hey thanks. Keep it up yourself. (Scully leaves) Keep it up yourself. . .what a doof.
  • Apocrypha
  • Scully - What's it going to take [to find Luis Cardinal]?
    Agent Caleca - At this point? Other than a sign from God?
    Scully - I've seen stranger things, believe me.
    Pendrell - (musingly) I believe she has.
  • Herrenvolk
    • Scully - Are you busy Agent Pendrell?
      Pendrell - (stuttering) No, I just, uh. . .
    • Teliko
      • Mulder - Agent Pendrell! Thanks for turning this material analysis in on such short notice.
        Pendrell - Shouldn't we wait for Agent Scully? I just don't want to repeat myself.
        Mulder - She's not coming.
        Pendrell - Why not?
        Mulder - She had a date. (silence) Breathe Agent Pendrell! It's with a dead man.
      • Tempus Fugit
        • Pendrell - Hey birthday girl!
          Pendrell - Bartender, bartender, set me up with a couple of birthday girl drinks here. . .
          Scully - You're going to keep breathing Pendrell. Do you hear me?
        • Max
          • Scully - Look, we still haven't celebrated my birthday Pendrell, I'm not going to let you off the hook like this. (Pendrell smiles weakly)
            Scully - He's an FBI agent, and he's not going to die.
          • Scully - He saved [Srt. Frish's] life Mulder, and maybe mine.
            Mulder - You thinking about Pendrell?
            Scully - I realized I didn't even know his first name.

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