Which channel is the X Files shown on?
The X Files currently airs on Star World on Sunday. It started off on Star Plus before being shifted on to Fox's other channel.

What are television seasons?
Unlike the irregular television timetable in India the US has a defined season structure. Series premiere in either September or December/ January with a pilot. If it gets decent ratings a series continues its season till May when season finales air. A break is taken in summer when the hoiday season is. If renewed for the next year a series begins its second season in September / October again.
The season system also has what are called sweeps periods (in February, November). These are times when the ratings determine the advertising rates for a particular series/ network so networks go all out to attract viewers including getting guest stars and airing their best episodes.
The US has a network system...what in India could be called all India channels. The main networks in the US are NBC (the peacock network), ABC, CBS and Fox (which airs the X Files). Other networks are Warner Bros and UPN.

Which season is being currently shown in India?
The sixth season is being aired as of 1.10.2000. Before that, reruns of the fifth season were being shown.

How far behind the US is that?
The eighth season will be beginning soon in the US. In India the sixth season has just begun.

Can videos of old episodes be obtained in India?
No, official versions of the episodes have not been released on tape as yet.

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