Name: Bruce Harwood

Character in the X files: John Fitzgerald Byers

Date of birth: 29 April 1963

X Files trivia: His character was named after John F. Kennedy after he was born on 22 November 1963, the date of the President's assassination. He was going to e called Bertram before that.

About Byers: he looks like he "works at Xerox - he's the guy who comes around in a suit and tie and fixes the photocopiers. His whole life focus is on maintaining The Long Gunmen office and the newsletter."

How he's like Byers: "I think of Byers as a university professor. I'm a pretty bookish person. "

How he's not: "He's too weird, intense, paranoid. And I don't wear suits."

Amazing facts: Trained as a figure skater in his youth.

Favorite episodes: "Humbug," "War of the Coprophages."

Off duty: Reads, skis; married to a high school teacher.

Is the truth out there? "I believe there's life on other planets, but I don't believe that UFOs are saucers from another world."

What he'd like for Byers: "I'd like to get him to chase an alien."

Filmography: Harwood has had recurring appearances in television shows MacGyver and The Outer Limits.
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