Name: Dean Haglund

Date of Birth: 29 July 1965

Place of Birth: Oak Bank, Manitoba, Canada

Character in the X Files: Ringo Langly

Facts: Born and bred in Winnipeg, Haglund performs regularly as a stand-up, as a member of the improv group Vancouver TheaterSports, and is a veteran of many TV series and movies. "I sold drugs to Lorenzo Lamas in [HBO's upcoming] Mask of Death." In an episode of Lonesome Dove: The Series, "I was beaten and hanged before the first commercial."

Inspiration for Langly: Computer-nerd friends and grunge-rocker types.

How he's like Langly: "I own a computer, I listen to the Ramones, the long blond hair is for real."

How he's not: "I'm not as paranoid and I don't wear glasses."

Startling revelation: "I'm Canadian and I can't skate."

Favorite episodes: "War of the Coprophages" (killer cockroaches) and "E.B.E." (introduced the Lone Gunmen).

Off duty: Married, practices yoga, can do splits.

Is the truth out there? Regarding his character's conspiracy theories he says, "They're all true--but only to certain people."

What he'd like for Langly: "A job at the Pentagon."

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