Name: Tom Braidwood

Date of Birth: 27 September 1948

Character on the X Files: Melvin Frohike

X Files trivia: He was the show's first assistant director at one point.

Inspiration for Frohike: Braidwood asked writers Glen Morgan and James Wong, "Is Frohike just a foil or an intelligent foil? Is he a dirty old man or more than that?" Mostly he focused on Frohike's first impression of Scully: "'She's hot.' It encapsulated the whole character."

How he's like Frohike: "I've got a good sense of humor."

How he's not: "I like pretty and intelligent women, but I have enormous respect for them, whereas Frohike just lusts after them. His mouth is bigger than his mind."

Startling revelation: Enjoys gardening.

Favorite episodes: "Död Kalm" (the agents age rapidly on a stranded tanker) and "Duane Barry."

Off duty: Married with two daughters, he writes scripts and watches videos in his spare time.

Is the truth out there? "Something's out there. Whether we've met it or not, I don't know." What he'd like for Frohike: "It would be great to have the Lone Gunmen in the field helping Mulder, then bungle it." (In fact, this happens.)

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