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Soft Light 2 x 23
Episode: Soft Light   Episode Number: 2x23   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: Dr. C. R. Banton
Writing: Vince Gilligan  Direction: Jim Contner  Original US Airdate: 05 May 1995 Nielsen Rating: 8.5
Location: Bellefleur, Oregon  Title Explanation : Kind of light Dr. Banton needed so shadows wouldn't be formed
The agents hunt down a scientist who is literally afraid of his own shadow.


Scully: (responding to spontaneous combustion theory) "Let's just forget for the moment that there's no scientific theory to support it."
Mulder: "Okay." ---

Mulder: "Hey Scully, can you spare a prophylactic?" ---

Scully: "Darkness covers a multitude of sins." ---

(Mulder demonstrating his ultra-violet pen torch)
Mulder: "Check this out. My latest tool in the fight against crime $49.99 at your local hardware store."
Scully: "Neat trick! For your birthday I'll buy you a utility belt. ---

Scully: "Chances are he's not walking around carrying a sign with an arrow on it." ---

Mulder: "Why's he doing that?" (Looking at the floor)
Scully: "Probably the same reason he spends his whole afternoon in the train station." ---

Scully: ". . . Nonsensical repetitive behavior is a common trait of mental illness."
Mulder: "You trying to tell me something?" ---

Det. Beren: "Yeah, I was just wondering what your involvement is here."
Mulder: "We caught the guy." ---

Mulder: ". . . He believes the government is out to get him."
X: "It's tax season. So do most Americans." ---

Mulder: "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you, Scully."

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