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F. Emasculata 2 x 22
Episode: F. Emasculata   Episode Number: 2x22   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: Faciphaga Emasculata
Writing: Chris Carter, Howard Gordon Direction: Rob Bowman  Original US Airdate: 28 Apr 1995 Nielsen Rating: 8.9
Location: Costa Rica ; Dinwiddie County, VA Title Explanation : Genus name of the species of the parasite
As Scully explores the spread of a deadly contagion at a prison, Mulder tracks down two escaped convicts infected with the disease.


Scully: "According to the briefing, prisoners escaped by hiding in a laundry cart."
Mulder: "I don't think the guards are watching enough prison movies." ---

Marshall: "Well then you'd be a real big help is you just tried to . . . stay out of the way."
Mulder: "Well, we'd be happy to, soon as we can talk to someone who's in CHARGE . . ."
Marshall: (Peeved) "I'm in charge here."
Mulder: "Apparently not, or you'd know why our involvement was requested." ---

Scully: "Where are you going?"
Mulder: "To see if I can get in the way." ---

Mulder: "Deadly? How deadly?"
Scully: "Well, from what I've seen so far, 36 hours after infection deadly." ---

CSM: "The truth would have caused panic. Panic would have cost lives. We control the disease by controlling the information."
Mulder: "You can't protect the public by lying."
CSM: "It's done every day . . ." ---

Scully: "There'll be a time for the truth, Mulder, but this isn't it." ---

Skinner: "I stand right on the line that you keep crossing." ---

Skinner: "Agent Mulder. I'm saying this as a friend. Watch your back. This is just the beginning."

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