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The Walk 3 x 07
Episode: The Walk   Episode Number: 3x07   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: Leonard "Rappo" Trimble
Writing: John Shiban  Direction: Rob Bowman  Original US Airdate: 10 Nov 1995 Nielsen Rating: 10.4
Location: Fort Evanson, Maryland ; Rosslyn, Virginia Title Explanation : Refers to Rappo's inability to walk
A quadruple amputee becomes the prime suspect in a series of bizarre deaths.


Mulder:(to Captain) "What? We didn't sign in at the front desk?" ---

Scully: (to Captain)"Tell him (the General) that it's *our* protocol." ---

Scully: "You never know when he might try and kill himself again." ---

Leonard: "You got that . . . 'I'm freakin out' look on your face . . . What's the matter?"
Roach: "It's nothing."
Leonard: "Bull. I spent 2 years with your sorry ass in a gun turret, I think I know when you got something on your mind. C'mon Private, make your report!" ---

Mulder: "No, what I can't figure out is why a man who's so deliberately and methodically set out to commit suicide would leave the one entrance to the room unsecured. But then again I obviously have a feeble grasp of army protocol and procedure." ---

(Mulder is playing the answering machine tape)
Scully: "Find anything?"
Mulder: "No, but I'm really beginning to like the tune . . ." ---

Mulder: "Sometimes the only sane response to an insane world is insanity." ---

Mulder: "Leonard Trimble?"
Leonard (motioning to TV): "No, it's Fred Astaire." ---

Leonard: "How's that? Oh, he's only the guy that turned me into second base by getting my arms and legs blown off. Other than that he was a real good guy." ---

Leonard: ". . . I'd like to get a little shuteye."
Mulder: "No sleep-walking."
Leonard: "That's good. I haven't heard that one yet. Har de har har."

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