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Oubliette 3 x 08
Episode: Oubliette   Episode Number: 3x08   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: Lucy Householder
Writing: Charles Grant Craig Direction: Kim Manners  Original US Airdate: 17 Nov 1995 Nielsen Rating: 10.2
Location: Bellefleur, Oregon  Title Explanation : From the French word 'oublier' (to forget); also a medieval dungeon with a trap door in the ceiling
A woman experiences a psychic connection with a teenager held captive by a deranged man.


Scully: "That's spooky."
Mulder: "That's my name." ---

Mulder: "Have you ever experienced temporary blindness before?"
Lucy: "I've probably experienced everything once or twice. It's all been pretty temporary." ---

Scully: "I hate to say this Mulder, but I think you just ran out of credibility."

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