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731 3 x 10
Episode: 731   Episode Number: 3x10   Tagline: Apology is Policy  Focus: The Project
Writing: Frank Spotnitz  Direction: Rob Bowman  Original US Airdate: 01 Dec 1995 Nielsen Rating: 12.1
Location: Perkey, WV Title Explanation : Camp 731 was a germ warfare research station in Manchuko (Japanese occupied Manchuria) led by General Shiro Ishii (the Japanese Mengele). Hideous experiments were conducted on P.O.W.s, including Americans. After the war, Ishii and his crew were recruited into the American bio-war research establishment.
When Mulder becomes trapped aboard a train rigged with an explosive device, Scully searches for the truth behind the government's involvement with secret experiments.


Mulder: You've never seen America until you've seen it from a train, Scully. ---

Mulder (Finding the journals are in Japanese): Why did I study French in high school?" ---

Mulder: "I just want you to point it at him. Don't pull the trigger (clicks empty gun). Kinda gives away the game." ---

Scully: "Well don't, Agent Pendrell. Keep up the good work."
Pendrell: "Hey, thanks. Keep it up yourself!" (Scully leaves)
Pendrell: "Keep it up yourself . . . what a doof . . ." ---

Woman: "Ooh, god. He's dead!"
Mulder: "Sshh! He's just got a little motion sickness. I'm gonna go find a doctor. Why don't you and your young man just find another bathroom?" ---

Mulder: "The NSA? Since when did they start issuing you guys piano wire instead of guns?" ---

MIB: "The ruler of the world is no longer the country with the greatest soldiers, but the greatest scientists." ---

MIB: "What's the next stop?"
Scully: "It's not on the map." ---

Mulder: "As an employee of the National Security Agency you should know that a gunshot wound to the stomach is probably the most painful and the slowest way to die. But I'm not a very good shot. And when I miss . . . I tend to miss low . . ." (aims at crotch) ---

Mulder: "What are you watching?"
Scully: "Your alien autopsy video."
Mulder: "You mean I might get my $29.95's worth after all?" ---

Mulder: Tick, tick, Scully. (When she's trying to read the code)

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