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Nisei 3 x 09
Episode: Nisei   Episode Number: 3x09   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: The Project
Writing: Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Howard Gordon Direction: Rob Bowman  Original US Airdate: 24 Nov 1995 Nielsen Rating: 9.8
Location: Knoxville, TN ; Allentown, PA ; Newport News, VA ; Quinnimont, WV ; Queensgate, OH  Title Explanation : Japanese for 'second generation'; also refers to a person born in the U.S. or Canada to Japanese parents.
An Alien Autopsy videotape and a Japanese diplomat's murder spark Mulder's search for a strange creature aboard a train. Scully encounters a group of people who reveal information about her disappearance.


Scully: "That's not your usual brand of entertainment . . ." ---

Scully: "Mulder, this is even hokier than the one they aired on the Fox network, you can't even see what they're operating on!" ---

Scully: "You spent money on this?"
Mulder (smugly): "$29.95 . . . plus shipping." ---

Scully: "Front door's boarded up."
Mulder: "Back door's been busted open. Hope nobody let the rat out." ---

Mulder (After pulling 2nd gun): "I got tired of losing my gun." ---

Mulder: "Ah, look at this. A beacon in the night. (Skinner)" ---

Mulder: "Well, I didn't get his name, I was too busy getting my ass kicked." ---

Scully: "What would a Japanese diplomat be doing in that house, with a dead man . . . with his head stuffed in a pillow case?"
Mulder: "Obviously not strengthening international relations." ---

Mulder: "I just remembered a piece of evidence from the crime scene that I 'forgot' to turn in." ---

Mulder (Re: the list of names): "Maybe he's gonna fit her for a pillow case, too." ---

Langly: "Just gotta love them German optics." ---

Mulder: "Gotta love that global economy, huh?" ---

Mulder: "I don't remember giving you a key."
Skinner: "I came to see you. Obviously I was late for the party." (Mulder's apartment is trashed)
Mulder: "Yeah, I guess I should really fire my maid, shouldn't I?" ---

Skinner: "This morning his body was found floating face down in the Seano canal. I think we can assume he wasn't diving for pearls." ---

Skinner: "Because whatever you stepped in on this case is being tracked into my office, and I don't like the smell of it." Mulder: "Mind if I tidy up in here a bit first?" ---

Scully: "So you're saying that this is man-made."
Agent Pendrell: "What else would it be?"

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