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Redrum 8 x 03
Episode: Redrum   Episode Number: 8x03   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Tall Guard (to Martin Wells): It's time. ---

Doggett: Press got word you're taking him out the Groves Street exit. It looks like Woodstock out there. ---

Martin Wells: John, what am I doing here? I'm in this cell, I don't know where I am or how I even got here and everyone's acting like...
Doggett: I swear to God, on top of everything else, do not play this with me. I will not be party to some half-assed, 11th-hour insanity defense. ---

Martin Wells: Vicky. My wife. This isn't happening. This is not happening. ---

Janet Wilson: Now, we drew Judge Kinberg. What's your relationship with him?
Martin Wells: Benjamin?
Janet Wilson: First-name basis. Excellent. ---

Martin Wells: Al?
Janet Wilson: What?
Martin Wells: He shot me.
Janet Wilson: Who? Your father-in-law? What are you talking about? ---

Bailiff: Circuit court, Department 6-B is now in session, the Honorable Benjamin Kinberg presiding. Thursday, the seventh day of December.
Martin Wells: Thursday? It's not Thursday. ---

Judge Benjamin Kinberg: Martin, I can't tell you how sorry I am to see you on that side of the aisle. I hope you'll forgive me when I do exactly what you as a prosecutor, would demand. Bail is denied. I will, however order Mr. Wells transferred to a more secure facility in the interest of his safety. ---

Martin Wells: Transferred? No, Ben. You can't do that. I can't be transferred. (pointing to Al) He'll kill me. ---

Scully: Are you saying that you don't remember? What is the last thing that you do remember?
Martin Wells: Being shot by my father-in-law.---

Martin Wells: Listen. I don't know what I experienced. But what if it was a premonition? A glimpse of the future. I mean, you do hear about these kind of things.
Scully: Yes... You do. ---

Martin Wells: I don't understand any of this. But I did not... kill Vicky.
Scully: If you truly don't remember... then how can you be certain that you didn't?
Martin Wells: Nanny-cam.
Janet Wilson: Oh, Martin, I wish you'd talked to me about this before. I really don't know if this is a great idea.
Martin Wells: This tape may have the murderer on it. ---

Brent Tufeld: We're going to beat this thing. Guaranteed. Martin, I have here one of the finest criminal defense specialists in the country. I want you to meet... (Martin Wells turns to Janet Wilson.)
Martin Wells: We met. I've been thinking all night about the tape and I don't see you having to turn it over to the prosecution.
Janet Wilson: I'm sorry?
Martin Wells: I obviously showed you that tape in a good faith effort to clear my name, not as an admission of guilt.
Janet Wilson: Um... Mr. Wells, I'm Janet Wilson. I don't think we've met.
Martin Wells: What day is this? What...day of the week...is this?
Brent Tufeld: Wednesday. Wednesday the sixth.
Martin Wells: Yesterday you told me it was Thursday. The day before that it was Friday. It's backwards. Everything's going backwards. ---

Martin Wells: Do I know you?
Fellow Prisoner: No, you don't know me. Damn sure put me in here, though. ---

Fellow Prisoner: I broke the law. Well, then, I guess that makes you "Wife Killer, Esq."---

Martin Wells (to Scully): This is the day we meet... something is happening to me...something I need to try to explain to you, to you both. I'm moving backward in time. Every morning I wake up, it's the day before. For me, yesterday was Thursday, the day before that was Friday, only it's all new to me. Every single morning I wake up, I can only remember what's happened the following day. ---

Scully: Mr. Wells, are you saying that you don't remember the day that your wife was murdered? I'm talking about two days ago, Monday.
Martin Wells: No, I don't... remember it, because for me, it hasn't happened yet. ---

Martin Wells: I'm not looking for technicalities.
Fellow Prisoner: Well, what are you looking for, brother?
Martin Wells: The truth. ---

Martin Wells: So that makes today... Tuesday, the day after the murder. John...I know who did it now.
Doggett: You know who killed Vicky?
Martin Wells: Mmm. Latino, maybe 40, five-ten, 185 pounds. He's got a tattoo of a spiderweb on his left hand. ---

Doggett: ...the sun. Your wife comes home before the murderer enters the building at 4:17 AM. Her time of death is fixed shortly after that, well before sunrise. You came home later…when the sun was already up.
Martin Wells: The killer turned off the tape. ---

Martin Wells: Trina, you knew about the Nanny-cam, didn't you? You told the killer about it. You must have given him my key card, too.
Trina (the nanny): Mr. Wells, I-I-I wasn't even there that night.
Doggett: First thing you're supposed to say is: "What nanny-cam?"---

Doggett: His name is Cesar Ocampo. He's got a full sheet…assault and narcotics. He knows the drill. He's a clam. ---

Martin Wells: Why?
Cesar Ocampo: You don't know? You got my name, my record, and you can't figure it out?
Martin Wells: Cesar Ocampo. I don't know you. I never prosecuted you.
Cesar Ocampo: Hector Ocampo, my brother. ---

Martin Wells: I did my job! I do it ten times a week every week of the year... and for this, my wife was murdered? You take away my dignity, my reputation, my life, because your dirtbag brother is where he belongs?!
Cesar Ocampo: Brady V. Maryland. Hey, you know what I'm talking about. Brady V. The State of Maryland. Prosecution's got to turn over exonerating evidence. You had the word of three people that wasn't Hector's rock. It was in a jacket that wasn't even his, left beside him in the club. You knew that. You knew that and you suppressed the evidence. ---

Cesar Ocampo: My brother was a busboy when you sent him up. He had two strikes on him. He wasn't dealing no more. You sent him up for who he used to be...and 'cause it was easy. You broke the law. ---

Cesar Ocampo: My brother is dead. Hung himself in a jail cell a couple weeks ago. ---

Doggett: I'm sorry, Martin. I tried to talk them out of it, but they think they have a case. ---

Martin Wells: John, I need your help.
Doggett: Martin?
Martin Wells: Vicky's going to be murdered inside of two hours. ---

Martin Wells: I haven't got time to explain it. You wouldn't believe it anyway.
Doggett: Now, Martin, you see, now, that's a bad sign because it's two-something in the morning. I haven't seen you in three years. You got to give me something more to go on.
Martin Wells: This is all happening for a reason. I... I'm being given a second chance. ---

Martin Wells: (voiceover) The passage of time in prisons is not in a cell of brick and mortar but in one of hopes dashed and tragedies unaverted. How precious, then, the chance to go back only to discover that in facing the past you must face up to yourself... that exiting the prison of time doesn't free you from the prison of your own character...one from which there is no escape. ---

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