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Patience 8 x 04
Episode: Patience   Episode Number: 8x04   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


In the basement…
First Agent: "So, this is where the bad kids are banished to."
Second Agent: "Put me down here I'd probably cook up a lot of crazy ideas, too."---

Doggett: "Some friends... they're just curious."
Scully: "I'm not here to be a curiosity, Agent Doggett. I'm here to work."---

Scully: "This is my partner's office, Agent Doggett. You and I will just be using it for a while."
(She sets Mulder's nameplate down firmly on the desk)---

Doggett: " I have to admit, Agent Scully, I'm at a loss."
Scully: "Well, that's a good place to start." ---

Scully: "Understand, Detective, that we've seen cases like yours regularly on our unit. Agent Doggett has only just been assigned to the X-Files. I can assure you that there's nothing baffling about human bite marks."---

Scully: "I say that assumption is the problem here. A strange print is found and immediately the most important piece of evidence is just thrown out to try and force an explanation. Maybe this print can help explain those bite marks."---

Detective Abbott: "How?"
Scully: "I'm not quite sure yet."
Detective Abbott: (to Doggett) "She's not quite sure yet."---

Detective Abbott: "You know I got two old folks in the morgue mauled beyond recognition. I have no motive to go on, no intent. There's not one shred of evidence that cries out for a human explanation, yet you stand there telling me flat out that what we're looking for is a man. Thanks for everything, Agent Scully. We'll take it from here."---

Scully: "I'm sure your explanation will mollify all those hotshots down at the county seat, Detective and relieve any general anxiety about what this thing might be... but only until it strikes again. And one more thing: I never said that what you're looking for is a man." ---

In darkness….
Doggett: "You ever carry one of these?" (A maglite torch)
Scully: "Never."---

Doggett: "Why? What did you find?"
Scully: "Nothing that will allay anyone's fears about what killed this man or his wife."
Doggett: "'What'? You mean 'who' killed them."---

Detective Abbott (to Scully): "Honest to god. You just jump at whatever explanation is the wildest and most far-fetched, don't you?"---

Scully: "What did you say to him?"
Doggett: "Well, I told him to dig up the body. Isn't that what you wanted?"
Scully: "What else did you say to him?"
Doggett: "Well, I told him that you were... um... a... leading authority on paranormal phenomena and who are we to argue with an expert."
Scully: "Look, I am not an expert. I am a scientist who happens to have seen a lot. I am just making a leap here."
Doggett: "Well, I am sure you have your reasons."
Scully: "Look, so, so, what, you told him to exhume the body when you don't even necessarily believe me yourself?"
Doggett: "I told you I spent the weekend looking through that cabinet full of X-Files and I saw how pretty much every X-File broke - with a leap. Now, maybe I'm just an old-fashioned cop but I don't take leaps. In my experience leaps only get people killed."
Scully: "Well, I'd say that you're taking a pretty big leap believing in that article... about a human bat." ---

Sheriff's Deputy: "Look, I don't care who she is or what she is, she's not touching that body. We don't need her far-out theories. She's not welcome here." ---

Doggett: "Well, you can think what you want but I think this looks bad for the FBI." ---

Scully: "Look, it kills like an animal, but with purpose. It stalked the detective for the same reason that it stalked the old woman and the undertaker. Each of those victims had had contact with this burnt body. The undertaker prepared it. Her mother IDed it and the Detective got the call when she was found."---

Scully: "You know, we've been out here for nine hours. The only thing this man seems to be in danger of is terminal loneliness. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this is all just a... a grand coincidence and we're wasting our time out here."
Doggett: "You were so sure before."
Scully: "Yeah, I was sure of the facts as I had deduced them scientifically. Maybe I'm... I'm trying to force them into shape. Maybe I'm manufacturing a theory."---

Doggett: "Well, what happened to taking a leap?"
Scully: "Maybe I'm just trying too hard."
Doggett: "To do what? To be Mulder? You know, I'm not Oxford educated. About all I know about the paranormal is men are from Mars and women are from Venus. But I don't think you're wrong, Agent Scully."
Scully: "What makes you say that?"
Doggett: "Well, I'm no Fox Mulder, but I can tell when a man's hiding something. ---

Scully: "Well, what does he have to hide?"
Doggett: "Well, that's what I'm hoping this good cop work is going to show us." ---

Ernie Stefaniuk: "How's a man supposed to live when his fear becomes obsession? You'd do the same thing. Who wouldn't who wanted to live?"---

Ernie Stefaniuk: "Today, he might have been fine but this thing hunts likes a bat. It only attacks at night."---

Scully: "Well, I... I made the connections but it was Agent Doggett that got us out here."
Ernie Stefaniuk: "You ought to be wishing he hadn't."
Scully: "Excuse me?"
Ernie Stefaniuk: "The moment you stepped foot here... You're marked now, you know that."---

Ernie Stefaniuk: "What do you think? It's just going to come walking through the door, there? It's waited 44 years. It'll wait out there as long as it takes until you can't stand it any more. How long can you wait, huh? A lifetime? To live in fear like this, a young woman - are you prepared to sacrifice family, children and spend your life terrorised by a monster?"---

Doggett: "The guys upstairs were making some noise about this case - about what's in our field report."
Scully: "Yeah. You'll get used to it. I, uh... I never had a desk in here, Agent Doggett but I'll see that you get one."---

Scully: "And I just want to say, um... thank you for watching my back."
Doggett: "Well, I never saw it as an option. I'm sure you don't either."

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