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Via Negativa  8 x 07
Episode: Via Negativa  Episode Number: 8x07   Tagline: The Truth is Out There
Title Translation: By Way of Negation


Scully: (on phone) An Agent is dead. Um, Skinner had him surveilling a religious cult in Pittsburgh. And all the followers are dead, as well.
Doggett: (on phone) What happened?
Scully: (on phone) He's having difficulty determining that.---

Doggett: This is damn weird.
Skinner: It gets weirder.---

Skinner: These people were all killed the same way as our guy. All 20 cult members dead from a single deep wound to the forehead.---

Skinner: Their leader, Anthony Tipet, is missing. Tipet was a convicted murderer who claimed to have found God. We didn't think we were dealing with an apocalyptic cult. We've seen this kind of thing before. Jonestown, Heaven's Gate.---

Doggett: I don't care how devoted they were. These people wouldn't just lie here and let their leader bash their brains in. I got to figure at least one of them would have had a problem with that.---

Anthony Tipet: (on videotape) The body is but clay... a shell made by God to hold the twin aspects of the Holy Spirit: Light and dark. If we have the courage to see into darkness we see into God... free of the clay which confines us.---

Skinner: Anthony Tipet served 12 years for the bludgeoning death of his wife. After his release, he became a minister preaching a hybrid of evangelical and eastern religions. He claimed a higher plane of being could be reached by the Via Negativa-- the path of darkness-- the plane closer to God. Once reached, it would let the spirit travel unhindered. Tipet believed hallucinogens would lead him to this plane-- specifically compounds of the bark of an African tree... the Iboga.
Senior Agent: You're saying all these people were so stoned on this bark they just let their leader kill them?---

Doggett: Whoever did this left not even a trace how: No prints, no forensic evidence whatsoever. Agent Leeds' sedan, the cult house, Agent Stedman's condo… were all locked from the inside.---

Skinner: Unless Tipet took the drug and succeeded. Unless his consciousness was there but his body was somewhere else.
Kersh: The X-File explanation. I take it this theory comes from Agent Scully?
Doggett: Agent Scully has yet to reach any conclusions, sir.
Kersh: That's the problem. I'm not hearing conclusions from either one of you. If this man has reached a higher plane then explain to me why 22 people are dead including two FBI Agents. Now I want to hear what you're going to do about it.---

Doggett: If I'm working this case, I'd appreciate a heads up before you tell the Deputy Director any more science fiction stories.
Skinner: Hey, I don't have another explanation.---

Skinner: Another dead-end.
Doggett: Like everything else in this case.---

Doggett: I'm a good investigator but you know as well as I do I'm not the Agent that should be investigating this case.---

Skinner: Agent Scully can't be here.
Doggett: You spoke to her?
Skinner: Tonight. She told me to tell you she's fine. She's taking some personal time.
Doggett: I've got 22 people dead, and she's taking personal time?
Skinner: You're not listening to what I'm telling you. Do your best without her.---

Doggett (to Skinner): Then tell me why he's doing it. If he's looking for God, why is he killing people? Just 'cause I'm assigned to the X-Files you want me to think like Scully or Mulder would. You got the wrong guy. I need facts, not wild ideas.---

Skinner: You always up at this hour, Dr. Bormanis?
Andre Bormanis: It's when I dissect my rats. Neighbors can't hear 'em screaming.---

Andre Bormanis: Hallucinogens were Tipet's way into the depths of the soul, the heights of consciousness, planes of being that our feeble brain chemistry cannot begin to imagine.---

Andre Bormanis: Nobody took the trips but Tipet. See, only his mind was strong enough.---

Doggett: (on phone) Yeah, well, it's easy to be discreet when you don't know what's going on. Are you okay?
Scully: (on phone) I'm fine.---

Scully: (on phone) Doggett, you're a good agent. Trust your instincts.---

Frohike: How many times have we saved Mulder's butt?
Langly: How many times have we saved Scully's?
Byers: I'm telling you, these files are theirs. They're private.---

Doggett: You publish the "Lone Gunman" newspaper?
Frohike: (pleased and proud) Our reputation precedes us.

Doggett: Yeah. Read Mulder's files.
Frohike: Well, then you know how badly you're going to need our help.---

Frohike: We all have a third eye. If we could open it, we'd see a new reality, one closer to God.---

Byers: The CIA invested millions trying to create psychic assassins, failing where Tipet has evidently succeeded.
Frohike: Reaching a drug-induced higher consciousness using his mind as a weapon against his victims.
Langly: The assassin makes his victims think they're being hit by an axe.
Byers: Or any number of nightmares.
Frohike: They believe it... it happens.---

Doggett: What if Tipet could invade his victims'... consciousness in their sleep? I mean, that's why you'd be afraid to fall asleep, right? If you thought your nightmares might come true?
Byers: You believe that?
Doggett: No... but if Tipet does... he'll need more drugs... to keep killing.
Frohike: That's not bad for a beginner.---

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