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The Gift 8 x 11
Episode: The Gift   Episode Number: 8x11   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Sheriff Frey: "Yes, sir. Agent Mulder was here, all right... last spring."
Doggett: "You said on the phone Agent Mulder was investigating a missing woman, Marie Hangemuhl."
Sheriff Frey: "Well, she wasn't exactly missing. He wasn't exactly investigating, either."
Doggett: "I'm not following you."
Sheriff Frey: "It was a false report. Marie never even left the house. The only reason Agent Mulder found out about it was because Marie's sister got all excited about nothing.---

Doggett: "It's not so much the case as it is the agent. Agent Mulder disappeared last May."
Sheriff Frey: "Sorry to hear that. I still don't see what that has to do with us."
Doggett: "Did Agent Mulder have a personal connection here - something that might not be in your report?"
Sheriff Frey: "No, I don't think he'd ever been to Squamash before, as far as I know."
Doggett: "I have cell phone records showing that Agent Mulder came back here the week before he disappeared."
Sheriff Frey: "What for?"
Doggett: "That's what I want to know. It's my job to find him. ---

Mulder: "You told your sister you were going to disappear, Mrs Hangemuhl. Tonight."
Paul Hangemuhl: "I told you already. We had a fight, she was going to leave, not disappear."
Mulder: "I'm talking to your wife. Mrs Hangemuhl."---

Mulder: "I don't think you were going anywhere tonight, Mrs Hangemuhl. I think someone or something was coming here. And I think maybe it still is."
Paul Hangemuhl: "We had a fight. We patched things up and that was the end of it." ---

Paul Hangemuhl: "My wife suffers from end-stage renal failure. She's a very sick woman. Anything else?"---

Paul Hangemuhl: "Was this Mulder guy sick? Sick in the head, I mean? Is that why you're checking into this?"
Doggett: "What stories, Mr Hangemuhl?
Paul Hangemuhl: "An Indian folk legend about a creature who lives out in the woods. I've heard these stories since I was a kid. So your colleague twisted it into a theory that she was going to disappear, all right 'cause this creature was coming to eat her."
Doggett: "Eat her?
Paul Hangemuhl: "Alive." ---

Doggett: "Mulder submitted case reports, all right but they indicate he was here in Washington on days his cell phone records prove he was in Pennsylvania."
Skinner: "Are you calling Mulder a liar?"
Doggett: "This is the muzzle of Mulder's pistol. You see that there?"
Skinner: "It's blowback."
Doggett: "Macrospatter of dried blood in a semicircular pattern. Which indicates Mulder fired close-range at something or someone."
Skinner: "I've heard enough."---

Skinner: "Oh, come on, John, this isn't about Mulder - it's about you! Your career. You give the FBI a narrative for Mulder's disappearance, you're off the X-Files and back on the fast-track to the directorship."
Doggett: "I'm just trying to find the truth."
Skinner: "You want the truth? Then ask Agent Scully!"
Doggett: "I can't do that."
Skinner: "Why not?"
Doggett: "Because she... she signed those case reports, too."
Skinner: "You take that story to OPR, the accusation alone could cost Scully her job."
Doggett: "I'm not taking it to OPR - I'm taking it to you." ---

Sheriff Frey: "So Mulder came back to town to kill this man and now the Hangemuhls are lying about it? Maybe I am, too." Doggett: "Pretty much."
Sheriff Frey: "This theory is even nuttier than the one Agent Mulder came to town with. Where's the evidence?"---

Doggett: "Looks pretty deep. A man doesn't get shot three times and then tunnel out of his own grave."---

Doggett: "Agent Mulder came back here that night and shot a man in this room. You know why, and so does your wife."---

Doggett: "Where is she, Mr Hangemuhl? Something happened here and I'm going to figure out what it is."
Skinner: "Agent Doggett." (He holds up a corner of the rug showing some blood pooled beneath it)
Doggett: "Looks like you missed a spot, Mr Hangemuhl."
Doggett: "You said it before, Mulder wouldn't do this - shoot a man in cold blood. Unless he was trying to protect Mrs Hangemuhl."
Skinner: "From who?"
Doggett: "From the man that's supposed to be buried in that coffin."
Byers: (via video hook-up)"We learned what we could. This is somewhat short notice, of course."
Frohike: "And a little outside our area of expertise."
Langly: "Plus the fact we were sleeping."
Doggett: "You wearing pants, Langly?"
Langly: "Uh... yeah."---

Skinner: "We don't have much time. What did you find?"
Frohike: "Thought you'd never ask, big guy."---

Byers: "The pattern you described to us is most likely a medicine wheel. It's a symbol for healing usually associated with North American shaman."
Frohike: "Now, the circle represents the continuum between life and death. The journey is separated by two roads, one for happiness, one for sorrow."
Byers: "Lakota Indians teach that all these elements - life, death, sorrow, happiness - are all one. But it takes an enlightened mind to see it."
Doggett: "Why paint it on a door, or mark it on a grave?"
Langly: "Well - that's the part that takes some conjecture there, Agent Dogbird."
Byers: "We don't know what Mulder was doing out there."
Frohike: "But legends date back hundreds of years of a sin-catcher shaman also known as a soul eater."
Doggett: "A soul eater?"
Langly: "They minister to the sick- legend has it they consume their illnesses."
Byers: "The symbol might be placed on a grave as a sign of respect. Or on a door as a summons."
Skinner: "A summons for what?"
Byers: "To indicate a sick person lives there, someone in need of the creature's healing gift."
Doggett: "Thanks for your help, boys."---

Doggett: "Marie Hangemuhl suffered from a kidney disease."
Skinner: "Agent Doggett?"
Doggett: "That wasn't a transient buried in that grave." ---

Rustic Woman: "The things you're asking about - they've been this way for hundreds of years. You can't change them."---

Doggett: "She feels fine, you believe that? The doctor says Mrs Hangemuhl's kidneys have spontaneously healed. She's a healthy woman. Explain that."
Skinner: "You're going to have to explain it. The Sheriff's waiting to take your statement."
Doggett: "The Sheriff knows. He's known all along. So's her husband."
Skinner: "Known what?"
Doggett: "That this soul eater took her to cure her. I thought Mulder shot this man to protect Marie Hangemuhl. But it wasn't her he was trying to protect."
Skinner: "Where are you going?"
Doggett: "Something happened here. It just wasn't what we thought." ---

Rustic Woman: "To understand what this thing is you have to understand what it can do - its gift. People hate it because they need it. It looks the way it does because of their sickness."
Doggett: "You care for this man."
Rustic Woman: "Someone always has."
Doggett: "Because you believe it? That it can cure people's sickness?"
Rustic Woman: "Not cure. Consume."
Doggett: "Mulder came to see you last year. Not to save Marie Hangemuhl. To save himself. Mulder was dying, but he kept it a secret. He had an undiagnosed brain disease. He was a sick man, desperate to find a cure."
Rustic Woman: "They all are."
Doggett: "Mulder didn't do it."
Rustic Woman: "Agent Mulder saw how it suffered. He saw it in its eyes. I knew what needed to be done. I just couldn't bring myself to do it."
Doggett: "Mulder killed it."
Rustic Woman: "He couldn't bear to add to its pain."
Doggett: "So he came back here that night to take its pain away."
Rustic Woman: "They buried it. It wanted to die. It still does, but it can't. All these months I've kept it here in secret. But now that they know it's back it'll keep suffering." ---

Doggett: "Sheriff, as a federal officer I'm asking you and your men to get out of my way."
Sheriff Frey: "You can't take it, Agent Doggett. It belongs to us."
Doggett: "This is a man. He doesn't belong to anybody."---

Sheriff Frey: "It'll come back. It always does." ---

Rustic Woman (to Doggett lying on the floor after getting shot): "All these years we didn't know what it could do. It took your death. You freed it." ---

Doggett: "I don't even know where to begin or how to explain it. Only thing I do know is is I'm no closer to finding Mulder now than when I started this thing."
Skinner: "You got inside of his head, Agent Doggett. You understood why Mulder did something I wouldn't have thought him capable of doing. You want some free advice? Don't write that report. You turn that in you open up a world of trouble for Agent Scully. And yourself."
Doggett: "She didn't know anything about this, sir. Of that I'm certain."
Skinner: "How many months will be lost proving that? How much damage done to her good name? And Mulder's? And to yours? For what?"
Doggett: "The truth."
Skinner: "You and I both know what happened out there, Agent Doggett. No one else needs to." ---

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