Fight The Future - The X Files Movie
Fight The Future - The X Files Movie

The Movie


Also Known As:
Blackwood (1997) (USA: working title)
Fight the Future (1997) (USA: working title)
X Files: Fight the Future, The (1998) (USA: working title)
X-Files, The (1998) (USA: closing credits title)
X-Files: Blackwood (1998) (USA: working title)
X-Files: The Movie (1998) (USA: working title)

MPAA: Rated PG-13 for some intense violence and gore.

Runtime: USA 121 / UK 122 / Australia 122 / France 120 / Japan 121 / Norway 122

Language: English Color: Color (DeLuxe) Sound Mix: DTS / Dolby Digital / SDDS

Director: Rob Bowman
Writing credits: Chris Carter (story), Frank Spotnitz

After five years of chasing paranormal activity, the X-Files are closed by the government. FBI Agent Fox "Spooky" Mulder and his skeptical partner, Dana Scully, are reassigned to more mundane duties...such as bomb detail.
Together they must solve the mysteries such as who, or what destroyed a Federal Building in Dallas, what killed 4 firemen and a child supposedly killed in the blast and more, but these mysteries were not placed by some insane terrorist, these were placed by our very own Government.
Even so, Mulder gets more and more information confirming his suspicions about alien activity on Earth and a secret, international cabal of men protecting that confidential information. An outbreak of metamorphic alien activity in Texas provides the clues for the agents.

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