Fight The Future - The X Files Movie
Fight The Future - The X Files Movie

  • Errors in geography: Dr. Kurtzweil's office is located at Dupont Circle in Washington, DC. However, when the police search it, some of the officers are wearing patches of the Arlington, Virginia, police department.
  • Miscellaneous: It was summer in the northern hemisphere (still light at 6:42 pm in London, no coats in Washington DC) so it must have been winter in Antarctica. The scenes there should have been dark and 60-80 degrees below zero, yet it was bright daylight and Mulder's breath was not visible until he was inside the tunnel.
  • Revealing mistakes: Mulder, a trained FBI agent, should know better than to activate his cell phone while standing right in front of a bomb with an electronic timer!
  • Plot holes: The Majestic 12 decide to "take away from Mulder what is most important to him," i.e. Scully, yet they don't take action, instead capitalizing on Scully being stung by a poisonous mutant bee that gets into her clothes by pure chance.
  • Factual errors: A journey to Antartica requires two weeks and not 48 hours as depicted.
  • Factual errors: Bees don't pollinate corn.
  • Errors in geography: Scene with Dallas in the distance over the prairie was actually San Antonio--you can even see the Alamodome in the picture.
  • Factual errors: the temperature in the underground 'medi-lab' is stated to be close to zero. Yet when the doctor removes his bio-suit top his breath isn't visible.
  • Continuity: Mulder's mobile phone changes from a non-telescopic antenna type (presumably as a Nokia product placement) to a telescopic antenna type while he is in the room with the drink dispenser bomb.
  • Continuity: After Mulder is shot, he has a wound on his temple. The wound disappears in Antartica and reappears after the hearing at the end of the movie.
  • Continuity: As Mulder and Scully are climbing down the rocks above the corn field, she is wearing flat-soled shoes. When they enter the beehive, she has high heels. (And not a scratch on them either!)
  • Crew or equipment visible: While Mulder is breaking the tank containing Scully, somebody's sillouette can be seen over his shoulder.
  • Factual errors: Most cell phones won't work if they're in a metal room in a big building.
  • Factual errors: There are not enough satelites over Antartica to provide accurate GPS information for a handheld device like Mulder's.
  • Continuity: While Scully was frozen in the Antartica underground, she was naked. Then, Mulder gave Scully his fur jacket. As soon as they came out from the tunnel, Scully was wearing fitted trousers.
  • Revealing mistakes: The black ooze that infects the boy (through his feet) at the beginning of the film is seen traveling up his legs. The camera pans up, where we see it traveling up his arms, too. But it should be traveling *down* his arms after spreading through his torso!
  • Continuity: The car which drove into a narrow alley drove out facing in the opposite direction.
  • Errors in geography: In the Syndicate meeting, the exterior is the Albert Hall, but the interior scenes were shot at the California Institute of Technology.
  • Continuity: For a closeup shot where Scully probes a fireman's corpse, she appears to be wearing a white lab coat that she's not wearing in longer shots in that scene.
  • Factual errors: In the vending machine scene, Mulder's coins are taken by the machine, but the buttons don't work because the machine isn't plugged in. All vending machines that are not receiving power do not keep any coins any coins inserted come out the coin return immediately.
  • Near the end Mulder and Scully are dead tired and in the middle of Anartica with no transportation (Mulder's truck had run out of gas). How did they get back?
  • Two problems with the bees in the X-files. 1) When Scully and Mulder go into the giant bee tent, the bees are released from the floor and fly up through the ceiling. Yet, when Scully and Mulder get outside, the bees are gone. Where did they go? 2) After the episode with the bees, one hitchhikes a ride with Scully. Judging from the time in the movie, the bee doesn't emerge to sting her for 12 to 18 hours. That's one patient bee.
  • After the North Texas revelations and the bombing, the scene shifts to the FBI Building in Washington D.C. The trees outside the building have not sprouted leaves even though the action obviously takes place in the middle of the summer.
  • When Scully and Mulder enter the giant beehive the overhead fans blow Mulder's necktie over his shoulder. In the following scene his tie returns to its normal position without him touching it.
  • During the explosion of the building and when Mulder and Scully were in the police car, the camera shot changes to a view in front of the car. Here you can see 6 wheels as the car bounces under the force of the explosion.
  • When the bees are released, Scully takes off her jacket to cover her head. The camera moves to Mulder, and when it moves back to Scully, the jacket is on and she takes it off again.
  • The scenes in North Texas are interesting. When they're out in the housing division, they show the barren background of North Texas...with mountains in the background! However there's not a hill or mountain within 250 miles of the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
  • In the serial we see a street outside Mulder's apartment window. He places tape over that window in the shape of an x and shines a light on it when he needs help, he has been shot at through that window, lots of stuff. Yet, in the movie, the view through the window is into a blank brick wall.
  • When Mulder and Scully are in the building's main floor, Mulder asks her what she wants to drink. She replies, "Something sweet". However in previous episodes, i.e., Eve, we learn that Scully drinks diet soft drinks.
  • We know that the Federal Building, the building that was suspected to have the bomb, was across the street to the building where Mulder and Scully find the bomb. Keeping these facts in light, it is strange that Michaud and the other FBI agents take cars to the building. They could have just run across the street.
  • Though blurry and in the far left corner, you can read the hands on the clock behind Scully while she is performing the autopsy, moments before she is almost caught. The clock reads approximently 2:30. This is really surprising because they came to the Morgue in Bethesda at four am. Then when Mulder calls her while she is hiding from her "hunters" you can see sunlight in the horizon of the phone booth he is using. Scully had been working on that man for ten hours straight without getting caught. Strange but true.
  • When Scully is talking to the FBI board, she isn't wearing any lipstick. When she meets Mulder a second later, she has lipstick on.
  • When Mulder is looking for Scully in the alien ship he knows exactly where to find her, even though the spaceship is huge.
  • When Scully is in talking to the panel about being in Antartica, she has less burns than she has when she goes outside to see Mulder
  • When Mulder is in Antarctica and looks through binoculars at the settlement the picture is broken into 2 circles together like the shape of the binoculars but when you look through a pair of binoculars you see a panoramic view.
  • When Mulder is on the roof of the building, he has a mobile phone, an Ericson. A little while later, when he is trapped in the building, he calls Scully, to tell her. And this phone is a Nokia 6110.
  • When Mulder and Scully are on the roof of a building in downtown Dallas, the skyline is actually of Los Angeles.

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