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Dod Kalm 2 x 19
Episode: Dod Kalm   Episode Number: 2x19   Tagline: The Truth is Out There  Focus: U.S.S. Ardent
Story by : Howard Gordon  Teleplay by : Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa  Original US Airdate: 10 March 1995 Nielsen Rating: 10.7
Location: Norway ; Bethesda, Maryland Title Explanation : Norwegian for 'dead calm'
The agents become stranded aboard a ship where the human aging process is greatly accelerated.


Mulder (looking very sick): "You're lucky you inherited your father's legs."
Scully: "What?"
Mulder: "Sea legs." ---

Scully: "It's sardine juice, half a dozen lemons, and the water from a snow globe. It's not Evian but . . ." ---

Mulder: "You know, I always thought when I got older, I'd maybe take a cruise somewhere. This isn't exactly what I had in mind . . . The service on this ship is terrible, Scully. It's not fair . . . It's not our time. We still have work to do . . ."

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