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Roadrunners 8 x 05
Episode: Roadrunners   Episode Number: 8x05   Tagline: The Truth is Out There


Scully: "The, uh, local coroner wants a consultation on a murder victim... a man who was found beaten to death in the desert. Apparently, his corpse shows some anomalous characteristics."
Doggett: "Anomalous? How?"
Scully: "From what they're telling me, he is a, uh, 22-year-old backpacker who was last seen by his family about six months ago in perfect health. However, his body is now showing advanced signs of osteoporosis, arthritis, and kyphosis of the vertebrae. In other words, he's got a spine of a 90-year-old woman."
Doggett: "Sounds anomalous, all right. You didn't need me to tag along?"
Scully: "Well, it was just a, uh, a simple consultation... and, uh... he called me over the weekend and I figured I wasn't going to bother you."---

Doggett: "Well, I don't have a great memory for mucous... but I'll be happy to look." ---

Scully: "Do you know what's up that road?"
Gas Station Man: "Eventually it'll get you to Salt Lake... I mean, if you're not in too much a hurry."---

Scully: "Yeah. Well, you're going to want to wash this out. Put some iodine on it. You don't want it to get infected."
Gas Station Man: "You sound like my mother."
Scully: "Yeah, well, I also sound like a doctor."---

Gas Station Man: "Do me a favour. Don't go telling people that I'm giving away free gas back here."
Scully: "Where is 'here', exactly? 'Cause I can't seem to find this town on the map."
Gas Station Man: "Oh, we're not really a town. Just a... just a few like-minded people trying to keep the modern world at bay."---

Scully: "Hey. Excuse me. You put something in my tank that killed my engine."
Gas Station Man: "What?"
Scully: "Where's that gas can? I'd like to see it, please."
(She pours the liquid into her hand and smells it) "That's water. I barely even smell any gasoline."
Gas Station Man: "Oh, God, you're right. I'm sorry. I... I left it out. It must have gotten rain in it."
Scully: "Oh, and it rains a lot here, does it? Seeing as how it's basically the desert."---

Scully: "I get the distinct impression that somebody doesn't want me to leave."---

Hank Gulatarski: "Thank you. For, uh, helping me."
Scully: "Well, I'm not sure if I've actually done anything. In fact, I don't even know, uh, I don't even know what's going on with you right now."---

Hank Gulatarski: "Um, they, uh, take good care of me?"
Scully: "Yeah, I'll say they take very good care of you. The sun seems to rise and set on you as far as they're concerned. In fact, they seem to have stranded me here in order to nurse you back to health."---

Scully: "A murder took place about 20 miles from here. A man was stoned to death. His head was so badly crushed, that they couldn't identify him from his teeth. Now it looks like upwards of a dozen people may have participated due to the footprints at the crime scene, but it's a very tight knit group of people who would murder together. A cult, in a word. And I'd say that these people qualify."---

Scully (to Hank): "It's lucky they're still listening to you for the time being. This... wound in your back... it seems to be a point of entry for a parasitic organism that has taken up residence along your spine. Now, this is something that I am completely unfamiliar with."---

Scully (to Hank): "You will die if we cannot treat you properly. Now, these people don't seem to want to let you go. I think that they put this thing inside of you. Now, I have no idea what the motives of these people are - whether it's some bizarre religious activity - but they killed the last person who was in your condition and I'm afraid that they're going to try and kill you, too."
Hank Gulatarski: "This is a lot to take in."
Scully: "No kidding."---

Female Bus Driver: "Where did she go?"
Hank Gulatarski: "She says I'm dying. We need another swap." ---

Hank Gulatarski (to Scully): "Your life... is about to take a wonderful turn. You're going to become a part of something much, much greater than you are. You're going to be... so loved."
Mr Milsap: "Amen. Amen."---

Scully: "No. No! I'm pregnant! No! No, don't do this! I'm going to have a baby! No! Don't do this! No! I'm going to have a baby. No! No! No! No!" ---

Mr Milsap: "Please. This is such a wonderful, wonderful thing... for you... and your unborn child. That last man just wasn't a suitable tabernacle. The thing of it is there's always the chance that your body won't fail him... that he'll be in you forever.
Scully: "Help! Help! Help!" ---

Mr Milsap: "We get so few visitors we remember each one pretty well."---

Sheriff Ciolino: "I'm reading you, Agent Doggett. Where are you?"
Doggett: "20 miles off the state road, just north of the crime scene. Some kind of outpost. It's on your map. I'm getting a definite vibe from it. Just talked to a guy who had a gun in his pocket and I don't mean he was happy to see me."---

Scully: "They believe they worshipped Christ. That that thing was the Second Coming. Look, I... I wanted to apologise. I... I left you out of this case, and that was a mistake on my part. It was almost a fatal mistake."
Doggett: "It was. You screwed up."
Scully: "And I won't do it again."
Doggett: "I appreciate it."

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